The thin crows

Rose, a knot of birds,
She opens
Five moon skies
For eyes to light a dream,
Black milk-spout, big finger;
She has so many ladders
For getting a leg up
To these limber crows.

She learns, good natured
Child that she is, how
To circle, veer, half-turn
Index the wing,
Tumblehead, blunt helper,
Crows scavenger fetcher,
Whipper of mites,
No daytime dozer,
She shuts on the key
Of these jackdaw toys.

Black-feet, branching
Touchy limb,
She noses out the lay
Of bark and twig,
Cold height and warm nest.
Young ornithologist,
Your note page
Crossed by three causeways,
Feathery, treeless,
With black-tongued landspits.

Black-backed, black-bellied,
As a pitched night, she
Wings the Sky of Do,
The left her mirror,
Her backward image.
Feather-bearer, beaked girl,
The crow’s foot,
By heart here she holds
Silver screws, rings
And her crow’s body.

Ill-served she will be when
Flight mishandles her
(Broken arms and splints,
Skin a scapegoat for a bruise);
Worse-served when jackdaws
Make off with her wings.
No earthworms in a box
To feed the thin crows.

Copyright © 05/04/2019 lance sheridan®

The thin crows

68 comments on “The thin crows

  1. Wow, amazing words ones which bring much thought. A young girl who is so awed by her love of crows, she attempts to mimic them in her life, her lack of wisdom and grounded to Earth she breaks all in her flight. I found the “Crossed by three causeways” of interest as where their junction is, supposed to be the point where evil gather. The girl even collects trinkets just like the crow, when she is gone who will feed the thin crows. Very atmospheric.

  2. When I was a child, I grew up with two ravens, that we saved after they fell from their nest. We fed them ground meat and taught them how to fly. They were noble amazing birds, and I am sure I tripped and fell many times, running alongside, trying to keep up with their eye level flights, when they enjoined me, to fly with them….3 short caws, repeated several times, curious as to why I never seemed to get off the ground:) Your beautiful mysterious poem Lance, brought back wonderful memories.

    • Karima, thank you so very much for sharing a special memory. And, for your wonderful support of my work!

    • ssfrerking says:

      Your lovely story reminds me of one similar. When I was a child, there was a terrible storm the night before Memorial Day. When we went to place flowers on the graves, there were downed tree limbs everywhere. Caught in one were the remains of a nest, and two baby magpies flopping in the grass. We raised them in safari hat, feeding them catfood. Their names were Willis and Eugene, and they followed us everywhere for years.

  3. Very good! I love the cadence of this.

  4. Wonderful Lance, I love this.

  5. francisashis says:

    Thanks a lot sir for another mind blowing poem

  6. francisashis says:

    Sir, you simply deserve it for your style of writing,as you are indeed a gifted poet.

  7. Watt says:

    This was so good, Lance. I’m stunned by your poetry.

  8. Resa says:

    Your writing is very unique! Thank you!

  9. librepaley says:

    I find your choice of words to convey the images extraordinary.

  10. gaiainaction says:

    Lovely poem with great dept in it, the sort of words one can sink into and dream….

  11. As always, I enjoy the educational experience I receive here. Jackdaws here has to me-double meaning. Intriguing.

  12. crazywitch25 says:

    That’s deep. It has a morbid sadness that I’ve only seen a few people able to pull off. thanks!

  13. Nweze Israel says:

    It soothes my soul reading this Lance! It’s a pleasure knowing your world of poetry. Thanks for the ground breaking work…

  14. Ultra says:

    Wery good, beautiful!

  15. We wake up to the cawing of crows in our country, but never thought a poem about them could materialize . You do have the ability to write about the most uncommon themes. Interesting.

  16. lampmagician says:

    Again strong words which lightly touching the soul, Thank you my friend 🙏👍

  17. So whimsical, love how you have constructed this poem – from the start it feels like it captures so etching childlike.

  18. susanmehr says:

    Beautiful, I love your choice of words. 🙂

  19. This makes me recall a few weeks ago I was at an outside children birthday party at a park. And among all the laughter of children and playing there were crows circling overhead. Huge black crows! We thought amongst ourselves, all these little lives here playing and somehow, somewhere these crows have found death in the distance.

  20. Beautiful Lance. Love this one

  21. denise421win says:

    intriguing and different

  22. mylilplace says:

    You paint with words, Lance…I can see every one of your poem in my mind…this one is definitely dark and unique.

  23. Devon Brock says:


    I have never read a “coming of age” piece such as this. I was mesmerized, not only by the imagery in the poem, but how you were able to paint this “fledging” in a way wholly original, sensuous and foreboding.


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