If you forget me

My silence is a worm-hole in the
Small cramped dark night hell.
The pulse of your hate jumps under
My thumb like a scalpel, anonymous
Surgeon. I am no longer capable of
Affection. It follows me around like a
Black-eyed shadow, haunting grievance.

Take what is your mouth, it is a marvelous
Object in your terrible room. Take my eyes
Which went away like two canyons. My hands
Are full of blindness. Wrap me in a cloth and
Place me on a sledge drawn into the opening
Of my womb. I am in trance state visited by the
Deceased, forging as priests, the link between

The visible world and the netherworld. This funerary
Rite is a ritual of bringing statues to life. I will begin
A new journey. I am pure coming forth from the grave.
Do not utter my sacred name, neither too much
Or too little. I will prosper involving divinity, a cleansing,
Depicted in the hands of nearly every goddess. I
Am the pure gold woman, the stain of you no longer tarnishes.

Copyright © 05/11/2019 lance sheridan®

If you forget me

52 comments on “If you forget me

  1. This is so powerful, Lance, I had to read it several times.

  2. Mindsplint says:

    …wonderful. 🙂

  3. the words, the image…..I have no words…

  4. mylilplace says:

    Haunting images and a powerful idea of being reborn after death. Love it…

  5. francisashis says:

    It’s all about truth and reality but it’s melancholy. Thank you so much sir for the awesome poem.

  6. Whew! This is a real intense poem. And yes, death is the beginning of a new journey when the soul retrieves its purity.

  7. ssfrerking says:

    In one way, it is about the freedom of being released from this life and beginning the adventures awaiting on the next plain.
    In another, for me at least, it is about escaping a life of isolation and abuse, turning to enter a new life of possibilities, still in this world.

  8. Linda Moon says:

    I am reminded of a recent loss ~ not of death, but an absence that can tarnish the light of one’s soul just the same ~🌺~

  9. Certainly a beautifully written journey Lance! 🐬🐬

  10. The soul is precious and always remains pure the spiritual bodies which surround the body and soul become tarnished through our journey of life on Earth. The beautiful soul is pursued by the dark spirited shadows which lurk around all graveyards and funnery parlours. They try to cut and harm what was the physical but they cannot determine the energy of the spiritual bodies, as it is energy with no form. Intriguing poem on the passage of death to transcending to the spiritual realms.

  11. Vibrant metaphors like “The pulse of your hate jumps under
    My thumb like a scalpel, anonymous
    Surgeon.” or “Take my eyes
    Which went away like two canyons. My hands
    Are full of blindness. ” along with the entire image/philosophical exposition make me think this is quite a masterpiece.

  12. charef says:

    Très bel écrit.

  13. rabirius says:

    I won’t forget you. 🙂
    Excellent work!

  14. lampmagician says:

    Reblogged this on lampmagician and commented:
    It is Marvelous ❤

  15. I am always awed by your beautiful poetry Lance, this is no exception, it’s just stunning!

  16. Lona Gynt says:

    This is me, I have dead to the world of words seeing months now, burdened by how the world sees me, but I think I have died now, and awakening, fitting that I should re-embark with passage booked on this stream from my wise and prescient friend. This brings tears to my touch, oh that my hands may not be blind. Cleansing, hopeful. Thank you friend, and blessings.

  17. I’m speechless…. very intense and compelling. Wowza!

    • Lesley, I’m always sincerely appreciative of your thoughts and support of my poetry. Thank you!

      • You have a talent for stirring up emotion with a punch, Lance. It’s like you take a plethora of powerful words, drop them into a witches’ pot,(Think Macbeth), stir them up just right, and they magically turn into the perfect poem. I swear you are a sorcerer of words! What a gift you have. Bravo.

      • Thank you so very much, Lesley. I’m truly grateful for your wonderful feedback and inspiration!

  18. Spectacular writing! I can ascribe more than one meaning to it, and I think that to me makes it even better reading!

  19. Deb Farris says:

    Your pictures are as phenomenal as your words. Mesmerizing.

  20. madmegsblog says:

    This is so damn good!

  21. Tamara Nika says:

    Dramatic and all together lovely ♥️

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