Day of reckoning: day of abandon

in the midday street,
with the small child hands
letting the heart balloon

filled with milk and honey
lap the wind,
passing all the dream houses

where the puppet-people live
unaware, how they dwindle
laughs, kisses, blink they are gone

and forbid any flower to be
vivid at their side
or placed in an empty bottle

waiting for water, or two drops
from a tear, it is all quite clear-
the beauty, the wit, eyes shut

when the moon’s celestial onion
dangles light to prove the
night exists, it sees nothing of this

as our prayer hands stiffen with
holiness, we pray for the face of
an effigy, we pray for silence.

Copyright © 05/14/2019 lance sheridan®


45 comments on “Resolution

  1. Apparently, etched into the wall beside Banksy’s mural there were these words, “There is always hope.” Yet how easily I’m thinking it is for all of us to lose what is within our grasp.

    These lines, “waiting for water or two drops / from a tear …” really stood out for me. Thank you for sharing. The image below and the words above blend well.

  2. Chris Hall says:

    Great response to the art.

  3. Much inspiration and creates a great deal of thought. The small child’s hand holding the heartshaped balloon filled with their hopes and dreams, milk and honey floats past the homes of the spiritually dead like puppets, (this is how I see people) bobbing up and down across the stage of life aimlessly with mouth open. All too soon their time is over and they are gone. The flower is taken for granted and left to wilt unattended. The Moon as no vision of what goes on within the homes and is blind to all of this.

    Yet we pray in the hope to something in the hope all the noise becomes silenced.

    Very beautiful deep

  4. lampmagician says:

    I can dive into every sentence my friend, they are deep as the soul itself, Thank You 🙏🙏❤

  5. A lovely poem with a nursery rhyme-like rhythm, and so much truth to be found there in.

  6. I believe too there’s always hope, even in the dryness of soul, the gray days. Yes, even in the hopelessness..I have hope. Very thought provoking poem Lance..

  7. You’re one of my favorite blogs! Each one an inspiration. Thank you 😃💕

  8. Quite thought provoking… Those single words seem hidden here, though perhaps unspoken. Hope and faith, draw the eyes from laughs and kisses… waiting for a few salted drops of sustenance when the heart is yet beautiful in its freedom. Children still know this flower, and so don’t look away. But squeeze the tears of night from eyes, and in the wind the moment has gone.

  9. Very thought-provoking, my friend. Using such bold imagery, “dream houses where puppet people live” and “moon’s celestial onion dangling light” and at the very end “prayer hands stiffen with holiness” while “praying for the face of an effigy” and “praying for silence.” I find myself wondering if the effigy is faceless, has it lost its power, so silence is better? Perhaps one would be praying for the hope of something better, of looking at the world through the eyes of innocence. Whatever your full intent, I love it, Lance.

  10. Isha Garg says:

    Oh the images here – my heart be still – you’re the Picasso of poetry it seems!

  11. krc says:

    effigy…great one! 👍
    well penned

  12. Muntazir says:

    Deep! Especially liked the last lines

  13. Rashi Singh says:

    Full of hope…Love the flow.

  14. Deep, meaningful and wonderfully penned!

  15. Tamara says:

    Within the words of your poetry, I experience, learn, and feel. Moving.

  16. After your beautiful words, let’s pray for silence…

  17. Profound insight on empty lives.

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