Flowers for a bride

What through lavender flowers only witness
Such pact as should be made once only; what matter
The owl’s voice while nightingale’s song
Cheerfully approves of marital bliss; let the moon
In brightness stand still to laud man and wife
Whose blessed act all coming hearts do join.

The sun daylong in cloisters of light with savor
Brightens dreamily so, a paragon of constance,
It seeks a sacrament from the wedlock,
Love’s proper chapel— a babtismal cleansing gently.
Their bodies are white pebbles blessed by the holy mother,
Sacred and bare; they have never been so pure.

From this day on, all sins washed away, the threshold of
Dawn breathing like angels. The tongues of God’s
Animals rejoice; in the temple of marriage, the sprouting
Fruit. flowers, children to bear; saint Joseph speaking
His proclamation— let flesh be of one, poor of chaste,
Be nourished in faith; breathe forth their souls in praise.

Copyright © 05/18/2019 lance sheridan®

Flowers for a bride

32 comments on “Flowers for a bride

  1. Watt says:

    Gorgeous! Truly!!

  2. rabirius says:

    Fantastic, Lance.

  3. This is so pretty. Pure innocence 🙂

  4. That’s a nice ode to marriage, which I believe, is slowly losing its sanctity. The words are inspiring to those who may have lost faith in the institution of marriage.

  5. I picture a natural setting from moonlight to sunlight… purity in the woods, all the creatures raise their voices…an ethereal yet very earthly setting, and the bride holding her bouquet of pressed violets; the light and sounds of that very particular venue, sing the newlywed’s praises and shower them with loving blessings. Your words, Lance open the floodgates of my own imagination. Just beautiful!

  6. crazywitch25 says:

    I prefer to ride the wind. I have cats. My life would really suck if I had a husband and kids. No, thank you. No little schizophrenic babies wrecking the universe, pissing off dictators or hunted by intelligence agencies. And I’d be a slave to the system or lose my “love.” I can’t feel love anyway. It’s the worst emotion ever.

  7. Rashi Singh says:

    “Their bodies are white pebbles blessed by the holy mother”
    Love this! What a beautiful poem! Captures the essence of marriage in such a gorgeous manner.

  8. Lance, with brilliant imagery as always, I find your poem an awesome ode to both the sacrament and sanctity of marriage, as a single marriage as it was meant to be creating a safe haven in which to raise one’s children and a loving fortress from which to face a sometimes hostile world. Thank you.

  9. Beautifully written – You take me from tears over Widow to joyfulness for the new bride!

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