A long walk out of a fairy tale

she was a wayfarer, a puddle muddy
water jumper

so because the wooded forest
was left a stumper tree
in the shallow root

by the double bladed axe

so because there were no more
wooded bridges

elves and gnomes disappeared
like children’s sleds

when they stepped into bigger shoes;

she puddle wet damp foot caught
the cold to pass

time in reverie or inaction, the fairy tale
was hours away, so because
it was a notion

grandfather clocks have grandfather souls inside

forty day period, quarantine for the house
guest so because he cheated

on her life love with the
involuntary gambit

she be sitting on the poignant chair,
it painfully affected her feelings,

so because of the dirt path back
and the disturbing

sheep on a dirt path to avoid wolf in clothing

she dressed in the cool summer dress,
hand painted inside a mind affected

by the dry rain weather so because
of no umbrella, gave it to
the sheep to disguise

he adjacent at a joint after plunking
her aggie in the street play,

so because he tried to boss
out the fairy tail
love scene

soda fountain jerk like a crime boss syndicate

she watches the stopwatch, not for
the accuracy, but for the

quicksand warning, so because no
allowed swimming, only thirty
minutes after eating

now she waits for the dragon slayer
white horse knight
bachelor man,

so because she was deeply
wound bandaged loved,

like wwi french soldiers in
muddy trenches,

awakens next morn living alone
so because she chose the

solidarity common age
spinster opinion,

also to charwoman clean when
cobwebs from a fairy tale cling

so because of marbles, dirt paths
and sowed dragon’s teeth.

Copyright © 04/11/2013 lance sheridan®


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39 comments on “A long walk out of a fairy tale

  1. crazywitch25 says:

    Poor girl. Pulled in all directions, no voice of reason. The only way out is to stay within. Putin really pissed me off. Get out of my fantasy, right? I didn’t invite the flesh to dine. I need a dart board. I’m stuck with him in my mind.

  2. Sensational. You truly never cease to amaze.

  3. Wow. So many thoughts on this….

  4. I like the way you’ve interwoven so many different, more contemporary metaphors, into a fairy tale style

  5. Dragon’s teeth, indeed… a little like landmines. Good to remember where they’ve been sown.

    A replacement, I see… for something actually quite expressively fascinating. Recognized the artwork in my email… alas, no place to leave a comment (so I leave it here). Had to read the words several times to be sure that they were about the painting. Familiar with the artist, I knew the subject matter… and from the title suspect you do as well. Indeed, no “saint.” (Though I believe there was some suspicion that she was, in fact, a Spanish model.)

    Well wishes to you.

  6. Silent Hour says:

    I really enjoyed this. End of a fairytale told in your unique style.

  7. lampmagician says:

    Great Fairytale poem dear Lance, full of pictures 👍👍🙏

  8. Barbara A. A Smith says:

    Goodness, Lance, this is full of magnificent images blowing the mind wide open to fulfill imaginations magnifying in this reader’s mind. Loved the magical life in this and the voice that shows the reader the ropes of the book. Excellent to the core. Barb:)

  9. denise421win says:

    Oh what a journey, you are a great writer

  10. Tamara says:

    Disturbingly and brilliantly profound, Lance. Beautiful.

  11. Marta Pinhao says:

    ¡Bellísimo! Gracias. Saludos.

  12. rabirius says:

    I think we all are on a long walk out of our fairy tales. Excellent work, Lance.

  13. Beautiful, as always, Lance.

  14. […] via A long walk out of a fairy tale — Lance Sheridan […]

  15. As always, so thought provoking. Paths that lead away from the safety of what was, some to what should never be – the forced awakening to what’s real and what’s really not.

  16. ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ Having trouble with my connection… keeps cutting out… so hearts mean I love your poetry! ♥️ ♥️ ♥️

  17. Love your use of words; plunking – are you related to commentator Murray Walker? Seriously though a wild, amazing train of thoughts which I enjoyed reading and re-reading.

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