Just summer so

The hotel.
Just summer so.
He walked in, partly for the
Clocks in suggestion, minutes
a habit.
Having a room soon,
partly for a
romance. He bought her
flowers, makes older often.
He thought merry,
she without
pleasure on a Saturday.

Noise in or because.
To have
And to have just as
they were
Do they come then.
Join and just and join
and just

Just why they do so.
Their just
an assume
Dovetailed with
a would.

Just shown.
Love which
Which love to love
with, “My dear
how are you.”

They went.
And they left the
Very much better.

Just summer so

43 comments on “Just summer so

  1. crazywitch25 says:

    This is interesting, simple yet complex. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Much complexity of thought’s.
    Why would he buy old flowers

    A weekend of romantic bliss they afforded themselves

  3. Isha Garg says:

    Oh, so beautiful. A work of art – chaotically charming.

  4. Lance, love this quirky style that paints happiness and oddness hand in hand. The picture is perfect..and such a happy ending!! Your writing is always versatile and unexpected!

  5. LoliLopesino says:

    Muchísimas gracias… 😊

  6. Lance, how do you always write such magnificent things!!?? This is so romantic, a summer interlude, where time doesn’t seem to matter, and they can just JUST just enjoy…. whatever they wish however they wish. That’s my take on it anyway. It made me smile.

  7. Summertime does not matter only what you do with it.

  8. Silent Hour says:

    I really enjoyed it! I am going back to re-read.

  9. Tamara Nika says:

    A wondrous piece that puts me into deep-thinking mode…

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