I will be well love

A little called anything is I do.
Fancy teeth. Gas stove.
Any neglect, particles to a cleansing.
The use of this is supposing
A time, assured, suppose
Is a necessary.

A peaceful life to arise thicker and thicker
In a leaning.
Bidding adieu a wedding
Little leading mention nothing.
Cough out and cough out
Please could and please could
A line distinguishes it.

What am I if I am uncertain in a reason.
I call carelessly
The door is open
Certainly I come having come.

What path is sweeter I thought quietly.
Once now I will tell
Once in a while I will wait.
You like there is no chance to misunderstand
What is necessary
Left open, to be left closed.

I am wise in a veil and more garments
I am a regular arrangement.
A suitable establishment, well housed, practical
Patient and staring.
Very suitable
So necessary.

If the chance to dirty diminishing
What a spectacle.
The change is likely
A very little difference is prepared
Now as an eloquent
No resemblance to you.

Copyright © 06/22/2019 lance sheridan®

I will be well love

31 comments on “I will be well love

  1. A beautiful illustration for a beautiful poem !

  2. Now…I will write in Portuguse. Que maravilhoso seu poema, Lance

  3. lampmagician says:

    Reblogged this on lampmagician and commented:
    “”You like there is no chance to misunderstand
    What is necessary
    Left open, to be left closed.””
    fascinating 🙏

  4. Your poems always make me think. Eloquent delightfulness!

  5. crazywitch25 says:

    It’s a good poem. The grammar of it is a bit off and it causes confusion. Maybe it’s my brain damage. Your other stuff, especially the last one, had me jumping for joy. This relies on relevant emotions, which I can’t give to you in my state. I’m numb and dumb. Sorry to be honest. You can rip me apart if you want to.

  6. francisashis says:

    Mindblowing post sir,a real magician of poetry.Thank you so much for writing.

  7. Did you get the translated text? I posted as a comment here.

  8. Amazingly written! Reflecting emotions! Thank you 🙂

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