The summer child

I see the summer child on
graying wood
mile off sun- warm hand back,
white gulled flight
slow pulse day- creek towards
the black tongued sea,
fish stalking bird wades in the
sloppy mud-
limping rabbit through the thicket
slain salt wind and tilting grass-
through the window
of her eyes, the dusk and water
she watches.

Copyright ยฉ 05/21/2016 lance sheridanยฎ

The summer child

39 comments on “The summer child

  1. I like how you’ve so poetically interpreted the photograph!

  2. francisashis says:

    Nature at it’s beauty sir, thanks a lot for sharing.

  3. weedjee says:

    It could be a photograph when youโ€™re imaging the words. Simply perfect.

  4. And so you let us see this summer day, through a child’s eyes, what captures her attention, as she quietly observes all that surrounds her. Lovely little gem, Lance!

  5. Reading “The summer child” surrounded me with a marshy smell, in the best possible way!

  6. Scott Rainer says:

    A remedy to the heart, a melody to the soul! Lovely to read!

  7. So beautiful ! Thank you, Lance.
    Greetings from the beautiful Rhine-Highlands / Germany

  8. This image is as clear as a photo.

  9. crazywitch25 says:

    Do you ever critique? It’s nice that you praise, but it has to be mixed with soda or the gin will take over.

  10. Beautiful description for a lovely photo

  11. Fond memories of childhood, your words took me back to mine.

  12. Devon Brock says:


    What strikes me most about this poem, besides its beauty, is the rhythmic control…”mile off sun- warm hand back, / white gulled flight / slow pulse day” then easing into the enjambment – stellar. And in the word “patch”, hung out and alone, gives me a sense of healing.


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