Dear friends…

Dear friends,

I will be taking time off from my poetry blog to continue writing my book. Thank you for your immeasurable support of my work. I wish you the best in all your writing endeavors. I leave you with several poems. Please enjoy. Regarding my E-book- looking at a release date this Fall.

Warm wishes,

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133 comments on “Dear friends…

  1. Good luck on your book!

  2. I wish you the very best in your endeavor and labor of love Lance!

  3. ❦Kara❦ says:

    Be well. Hurry back. 💕

  4. Irina Marques says:

    Good luck.

  5. Angela Jelf says:

    Aww, well you’ll be missed. But wishing you every success with your book Lance. We look forward to hearing all about it! Best wishes and bye for now.

  6. lampmagician says:

    I, we will miss the wonderful trip with you marvellous works, have a great success and stay tuned 🙏👍❤

  7. Best wishes for the successful completion of your book!

  8. Jussara Luna says:

    Dear Lance, you’ll be missed.
    Good luck!
    All the best!

  9. CarMac says:

    Good luck Lance 👍

  10. I wish you moments of pure poetry to then pass the writing with the natural density with which you express yourself. Make sure you have deserved success. Since Porto Alegre will have energy coming to you.

  11. Good writing, Lance, and good luck. See you soon

  12. Michelle says:

    Wishing you all the best with your book!!

  13. Deb Farris says:

    Lance, You’re an inspiration. Enjoy! And be well,

  14. I will miss your poetry always looking forward to see more. You must focus on writing your book as this is more important for you and the next phase in your life. Enjoy the time writing and will look forward to seeing more of your exquisite poems again.

  15. Have a wonderful writing experience, Dear! 💞

  16. All the best for your book 👍👊😇

  17. Best of luck with the book Lance. Will be looking forward to it!

  18. amydwestphal says:

    Best to you as well. Good luck. 🍀

  19. Dear Lance, I’ll miss your blog but keep my fingers crossed for you and your book. Elisa

  20. mel says:

    Best wishes for you!

  21. All the best! Will miss your little treasures. 😊

  22. I hope we will find your book in France, Lance.

  23. Best of luck on your upcoming publication, Lance. You are an exceptional poet, one that never failed to keep readers interested, enraptured, envisioned, and seeing things in lights they had never yet dreamed of. You also never failed in keeping me on my toes, as it were. You will be missed, even for the while. Thank you.

  24. I wish you good luck with your book and, above all, that you enjoy writing it a lot, Lance!

  25. imaginarycoffee says:

    Good luck and inspiration!

  26. love4locks says:

    Can’t wait for your book but, I am going to miss your poetry posts thank you for sharing your wonderful work with all of us 👏👏👏♥️😁

  27. beatrice841129783 says:

    Bonjour Lance je te souhaite beaucoup de courage et bonne chance pour ton travail je sais combien cela de demande du temps et de la persévérance
    douce journée et de bon jours pour ton travail amicalement

  28. Scott Rainer says:

    Your blog shall be one of the most missed on wordpress. Hope your book goes well!

  29. Marta Pinhao says:

    ¡Que bueno, esperaré ansiosa ese libro. Éxitos! Abrazote.

  30. YBP says:

    Lance, you were the very first to give me a happy welcome into our awesome blogging family. Thank you beyond words! I just received a Liebster Award nomination and I wanted to honor you through a richly deserved nomination. Kindly check my July 27 post (1st Liebster Award Nomination. Thank You!) on IT’S ALL ABOUT LOVE. Your spirit of excellence overflows in your writing and I continue to send you my very BEST! ❤️

  31. Ash says:

    All the best! Can’t wait to see the ebook 💞

  32. icefogger says:

    Best of luck in your writing

  33. I wish you tremendous success w/ the book, Lance! Your poems deserve to be heard. They add to the beauty in the world.

  34. Dear Lace.
    Looking forward to see you very soon, I wish you all the best with very much success, for your new book!
    Blessings, take care.
    Warm wishes, Monica.

  35. rabirius says:

    Sorry to hear that there won’t be any new poems for some time…
    …anyway, good luck with your book!

  36. hmmm I was wondering why I hadn’t seen your work lately!
    The best of luck for everything!

  37. ortensia says:

    We will miss you but reading your book it will worth the waiting🤓

  38. Best wishes and good writing

  39. Fomtriok says:

    Hope your writing is going well!

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