Down, down the night

This is a dark house, dripping.
Inch by inch from a quiet finger
Into a puddle, a bag of gloom;
Shadowed mists move over,
Their nostrils breathing the bowel
Of the night, a quite dark black.

It is warm and tolerable in the smell
Of my sleep; I embellish myself in
Night sweats, peeling my skin like
Black amnesia. I crawl into a lonely
Corner, my mouth licks the darkness;

Negligible starlight pours through a
Window like an old heavy press;
Moley-handed, I push it aside in the
Stony hole of night. Yet, its radiance
Scathes me. Diminished, I am inhabited
By tears. How my bad dreams endow me.

Copyright © 07/23/2019 lance sheridan®

Down, down the night

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24 comments on “Down, down the night

  1. ❦Kara❦ says:

    Dark and dreary but so damn beautiful. 💕

  2. weedjee says:

    When I read the poem… dancing in the dark and reminiscent from irish John Connolly… dark could be a nice colour

  3. Very dark expressive poem.

  4. Marta Pinhao says:

    ¡Me mata tu imaginación! Abrazote.

  5. I had a mouthful of pleasure by reading this piece, Lance!! Thank you for this excellent poetry.

  6. Devon Brock says:

    Lance, this smacks of the fear of darkness we all hold within us. The imagery is fantastic as always. You have captured that place where sleep eludes and we are left alone, in the dark, “diminished” – plagued not by the REM sleep dreams – but the “bad dreams” – the remembrances that come unwanted in those moments when sleep refuses to heal. D

  7. A rawness that really grabs hold of you. Strong imagery. So dark and beautiful 🙂

  8. Fall Fraust says:

    “… peeling my skin like black amnesia.” “… my mouth licks the darkness…” So many great lines in this piece. Such a dark beauty 🙂

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