Love is a dangerous pleasure

I slept, say with a snake
Occasioned to a trembling,
Each breath breaking into little pieces
Compressed and sealed in a white box
Sewn into my heart;
It makes the shape so heavy
And no melody harder.

I begged for mercy in places not empty
Spread thinner by a cause and a doubt,
He established the color quite cunning
Slender grey with black and red ribbon,
I concentrated on the illusion not to shatter;
Its exaggeration was strangely flattering.

His hands were a sad size for choking
Every bit precocious,
A kind of game and nothing flat on a neck
Everything breaking,
Life once a splendid address
Cut, cut into white
White so lately.

My life toppled and the tears rained down
A void appall till I drowned,
Love knows not of death
Till the sharp scythe of jealousy hacks away;
I was rationed for a day for a week,
The simple sum of my heart occasioned for a heaven.

Copyright © 07/23/2019 lance sheridan®

Love is a dangerous pleasure

21 comments on “Love is a dangerous pleasure

  1. weedjee says:

    I think it was a golden slumber and snakes of good vibrations

  2. Love is a dangerous pleasure, and jealousy a terrific poison.

  3. francisashis says:

    Wonderful writing, thanks a lot sir for sharing.

  4. You tell her tale of love and pain from within her veil.. We can half see her truths, what she remembers like flashes of lightning in the night…I read it three times, and saw something different in each reading…”Till the sharp scythe of jealousy hacks away;” My favorite line.

  5. love4locks says:

    Wow and yes that absolutely sums it up thank you for your beautiful writing of destruction of love

  6. Sara Altaf Khan says:

    Yep, sometimes we don’t know that we slept with snake and only know when is too late.

  7. Bitter sweet truth of an unrequited love where jealousy eventually ends in death.

  8. YBP says:

    Lance, sleeping with the enemy can be numbing to our senses. Whatever that enemy is ….. beside us externally or even more dangerously, within one’s soul. You got me in deep penetrating thought.

  9. Geo says:

    Love is a two sided knife. May be Good or bad…

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