The pedestrian fence

What is the sea’s length?
It is there and a dark place: a
Fence distinguishes it and the
Pedestrians existed like stones
And settled in the sand to stay
A Saturday, a Tuesday, Wednesday;
Believing they have that water,
Precious salt too, meant to absolve
Them which nearly did on a Sunday.

The care with which a baptism
(not even with drowning) and with
The sea being encircling in a sacrifice
Of pedestrianism, even more likely to
Be a pleasing; the care with which
A holy man is wrong and the scriptures
Are wrong and the nuns are wrong
Is incredible justice. This makes a
Magnificent resurrection and also a fountain.

The world is at peace in a long dress, that
Is the current and makes religion flow;
And a quite dark grey sky is a necessary:
It is an argument for any use of it, and even
So in seawater so much stretched out.
Can we stand the swells? A great many
Pedestrians speak of a cleansing of the soul
Four times yearly. They are constrained to be
Relieved. The bible has become such an authority.

Copyright © 09/15/2019 lance sheridan®

N10 The pedestrian fence

65 comments on “The pedestrian fence

  1. weedjee says:

    The only fence to our seas is the horizon as our waterline…

  2. rabirius says:

    This is really fantastic writing, Lance.

  3. Beautifully expressed. Love the picture too.

  4. NZain says:

    As always your writing sends me to the dictionary and on the path of discovery.

  5. Wow Lance. It feels like the layers within this are immense and like the sea, you would never stop discovering within it.

  6. Beautiful.. Thank you for sharing this piece.. 👍🏼😇

  7. crazywitch25 says:

    Nice! After spending years with Eastern religions, Christianity looks a bit simple. I’m also annoyed they ask for money. It’s like, if Jesus is the son of God, why can’t he make dollar bills? Maybe he got caught and is in jail. That’s why we haven’t heard back from him. Hopefully he’ll be on parole soon.

  8. crazywitch25 says:

    I blame Augustus for Jesus. He was also “born of a God.” Jesus copied him to gain followers. Also, Augustus was patient with Jesus. He should have squashed that before it spread. It’s really held us back. He only made Jesus a martyr, and Jesus collected more followers who were rebelling against Roman rule.

  9. RM Weldon says:

    There are pieces of the greater puzzle of spirituality that have yet to be explored beyond the fence of the status quo. One only needs to step outside the fence with a deep desire to find the truth of it all. Thank you for the depth charge.

  10. Well Lance, your poem asked me to read it several times..and each time..I saw new things, new lines to float upon the swells and waves of your infinite sea.
    This is my favorite line and I see it so visually, “The world is at peace in a long dress, that
    Is the current and makes religion flow;” I even see the lace in the sparse sea foam as it ends on the shore:) Your poems always inspire more dreams in more people than you can even know:)

  11. Love your writing and the photo so apt, unable to contain the sea no matter what means and also we cannot contain God or Our Heavenly Father too immense and the man-made scriptures are wrong at least now, as life has changed. I always say the sea or ocean is healing, cleansing and uplifting the rhythm of the waves show the healing type as they roll into shore. The music of the waves echoes through the body and soul to times forgotten. The sea is so special and care we must, no man or being can fence this enormous mass.

  12. runjumpskip says:

    I liked this as it reminded me of how often religion and nature are combined in our world to get a point across.

  13. Lance, you never disappoint. Always imagery that no one else uses and even thought to use: “Pedestrians existed like stones And settled in the sand to stay” Thank you for sharing this with us. You truly make me want to be a better poet.

  14. Open to much interpretation, and that’s what I like best about some poems, such as this.

  15. I particularly like the line, “The world is at peace in a long dress.”

  16. Barbara A. A Smith says:

    Images bursting the doors of my mind wide open, “The world is at peace in a long dress,” makes one wonder if we try to hide the turmoil that truly exists in the world by hiding it – this is an excellent write for a reader to delve into to analyze and put the pieces to come together in solving. Barb:)

  17. ‘The world is at peace in a long dress, that
    Is the current and makes religion flow;’

    I love these lines. It has the image of Klimt’s “The Kiss”

  18. How CAN I sign on to your BLOG?

    God Bless,


  19. Barbara Kasey Smith says:

    “We'” each individual has our of beliefs and “we” should permit each person to worship as such, “I” follow God’s word, knowing in my own mind. I’ve chosen the right way! Lance your writings are so worthy of reading and taking in every word – excellent again. Barbara Kasey Smith

  20. I recently discovered VoiceOver which reads for me while I’m driving or working. It was nice to be able to just listen for a while instead of only getting to read one or two posts at a time 😊 Beautifully worded, and deeply felt as always – and good for contemplation. ✨

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