Guest post; reblogs…

I would like to thank Yeka for having my poem, A long love, as a Guest post on her site, passcodelove. It is a great honor to link our blogs. Her’s, and all your support of my work is gratefully appreciated.


I would also like to thank Aladin for all the reblogs of my poems on his site, lampmagician. Most recently, Desmond of the outer sanctorum. My sincere gratitude.

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4 comments on “Guest post; reblogs…

  1. YBP says:

    Dear Lance, it was my deepest honor to have had you on IT’S ALL ABOUT LOVE!!!! Thank you so much for your deepest appreciation and inspiration!!!! ❤️💚💛💜💙🧡❤️💚💛💜💙🧡

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