Two hands, not a mile

My life is not gentle, it is black and hopeful,
Anything can astonish a citizen;
The mischief lies in getting the wrong ones.
It seems a splendid day, I believe in crops.

Does it proclaim satisfy a woman, I was not
Certain of my mother. I do not. I saw her in a
Doorway, leaving; there is a cloth where I have
Water; I do not determine selfishness.

She had deep set trustworthy eyes, once, dark
Like her hair; light flesh colored life: my father
Wondered about islands. He did not forget a war.
They called it the great one, before they knew to

Number them. He missed that clarity. I begged not
To. I prayed for him. I believed and so he was. What
Is a death. I cannot see what I shall a bit in a field,
So that always I can always I do mean to get about.

Presently the soldiers wives returned. I wish I were
May be I am one of them. They brought the stretchers.
Not any more begging. I fill a free uniform white instantly.
Those features are peculiar to a life. Please be sojourn.

Copyright © 09/29/2019 lance sheridan®

N20 Two hands, not a mile

34 comments on “Two hands, not a mile

  1. Stills says:

    What a talent you are! A great piece of work!

  2. rabirius says:

    This is fantastic, Lance.

  3. A touch of death looms throughout your poem, from mother to father and then to the self is that the soul hovering over the clothes of those who died in battle. Sadness and woes of life create by uncaring people in the name of power.

  4. weedjee says:

    Nice, talent from you and it could be reminiscent from Erskine Caldwell, a wondrous author to me . Congrats!

  5. Pankanzy says:

    That’s Dark But Beautiful ❤️

  6. Devon Brock says:


    Once again it took a number of reads to get to grain of this. It was well worth the effort. This realizing your own mortality through the deaths of your parents has a certain sobbing in it – rhythmically – as if stuttering through tears. A beautiful write.


  7. YBP says:

    When you hold the pen, miracles happen …. you write with such passion and fervor, intelligence and depth, heart and soul. I am so blessed with your poetry Lance. ❤️❤️❤️

  8. lampmagician says:

    Reblogged this on lampmagician and commented:
    A hopeful dark life 🙏👍❤

  9. Lance, it took several reads for me to glean your meaning in this most excellent work. I’m saving it so I can go back and read it several more times. So far I see an uncertainty about what you are, why you are, uncertainty about your parents and then a realization that they are gone. And in the final line when you don a “free uniform, white instantly” you knew. You were one of those for whom the women carried stretchers. Ah, Lance, my good friend, you are so young to so beautifully face mortality. Very well penned, my friend. Very well penned indeed.

  10. This is so beautiful…

  11. NZain says:

    Your words leave me speechless and thoughtful at the same time.

  12. It drew me in and when I’d finished, I had to go back to it a couple of times to savour and fully comprehend each line – I’m still not sure I have, I think there are layers to this piece – but that’s the beauty of this poem.

  13. Your work is so profound, Lance. It grows ever deeper. You touch the souls of your readers.

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