Milk in your mouth

The stained flats of life hit and razed
To a darkened asylum,
Vanishing is the life-work behind
Calloused hands,
Footsteps quicken into a deepening hole;
Hymned is God’s shrivelling flock.

The last rights are divvied out in the Christbread,
Spitting wine and holy water;
One must walk through the maze of sermons,
The lashing minister’s envious tongue,
And the holy book drivelled down to one burning bush;
Heaven falls with your fall and the cracked

Church bell beats the left air.
Flicked from a carbolic life in a bed of sores,
The scudding base of a familiar
Midwife birth,
Flick of the finger and your eyes are
Already murdered.

Death enters silently with a counting clock
Lurching- strikes with a time-bomb,
You are deaf in the rafters of your eardrums;
A scythe marches you to a parcel of stone,
Your dead heart is forced into the agony
Of a grave, it has another mouth to feed
(The old mud-hatch closes like bullied iron).

N37 Milk in your mouth~

46 comments on “Milk in your mouth

  1. weedjee says:

    Christmas is on way and a nice work again…

  2. Honestly Lance, not sure what to make of some ways, and in the title, it seems like a hard birth, but is also seems like death (which too, is a hard birth into the after-life.) Both a struggle, a fearful passage, and yet we hope that in the end, peace and fulfillment will reign. Enigmatic, with powerful visuals..between a nightmare, a sermon and a vision.

  3. crazywitch25 says:

    I like the painting. It looks like Marilyn Manson’s art. He’s always eager to please. Games of elites. Well, whatever, this is wonderful. I’m glad you’re exploring this side of yourself.

  4. crazywitch25 says:

    It happens to the lowly places we occupy. It’s also a product of evolution. Good thing we have reason to work past it. Most people are split or blurred. It doesn’t matter, just annoying in the stupid youths.

  5. I was reading your beautiful poem after a tired day on Sunday and it really made me feel good. In words, you magically affect human feelings. Thanks so much Lance!

  6. Silent Hour says:

    Death enters silently with a counting clock — my biggest fear in a sentence.

  7. ssfrerking says:

    Nightmarishly beautiful, Lance.

  8. The Word Of God says:

    Always beautiful Lance.

  9. Curious as to the meaning of this poem, birth or death, perhaps a birth which was aborted.

    The scudding base of a familiar
    Midwife birth,
    Flick of the finger and your eyes are
    Already murdered.

    This gives me the impression of a baby being murdered at birth.

  10. Devon Brock says:

    Lance, There is so much to love in this poem. What I glean from this is that death is being presented as a fall from grace, but it is God falling – as if death is the end of God (as a human construct). Loved it from beginning to end. D

  11. Fall Fraust says:

    Bleakly beautiful, Lance. Your words always leave my mind simmering, like a potent brew.

  12. Sonal P Deo says:

    Life after death. What will it be? you have penned the entire proceedings with such a lovely flow! It was like as one door closed, there is another one to open

  13. NZain says:

    Haunting…always interesting to read the comments here. :))

  14. rabirius says:

    Wonderful. You are a master of words.

  15. Such is always ultimately next, sometime. Then next, we do not know.

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