I, in my mask

I have made a mask, a wall to shut me from
Your hate
Of the dark, delving eyes and
Sharpened claws
Rape and pillage in the nurseries of
My face,
A gag of mouths to silence
Your enemy
Your bigoted tongues a trumpet
Of lies
Shielding your dead brains, the countenance of
A dunce;
This tear-stained widower’s grief forged by a
Clumsy orator
Laying my family’s ghosts in pine boxes, my
Body held in death’s corridor, I tread in blood
And bones;
I seek an escape out of this
Naked entrail.

Image of images to the world, your
Phantom meddle,
Mortal, unmortal, I in my confusion leap from the
Steeplejack tower,
Tread through the perilous air, impale myself on a
Pike; the wooden insects eat my flesh. I am your
Invalid rival,
Turning counterclockwise in your
Swastika symbol.

You have climbed to your country’s pinnacle, up through its
Cadaverous gravel,
It falls thick and steadily into our
Corkscrewed graves;
The neck of our nostrils can no longer breathe.
You bring out the dark patrol, your
Monstrous officers
And decaying political party, sentinels garrisoned like cocks on a
Dung hill,
Crowing to their presidential savior who rings out the
Hangman’s bell-
Be you your own ghost, your bodiless image on my stick
Of folly;
We are stoved bones thrust into his shipwreck
Of muscle,
Locked in his struggle; I am no longer alive in
My skin,
Clawed out by this carnivorous reptilian in his
Rotten fathom;
Trapped in a water torture till my savior conjures my soul.

Surreal Mask ABstract with Many Wires

76 comments on “I, in my mask

  1. Wow Lance deep and profound poetic words so well composed of the Mask that we all so often wear and do not show our real selves. Great poem.

  2. NZain says:

    Juxtaposed to Love poems—this is roller coaster of a ride, Lance! I look forward to the next turn. Where will you next lead us? This is a powerful message for our times.

  3. Silent Hour says:

    It made me think of our political situation. Mankind takes one step towards progress, then takes ten steps back.

  4. Your poem is terrific, today !
    Have a good day, Lance.

  5. Devon Brock says:

    Lance, such raw gut anger – an unmasking. So very different from your usual tone. “Sentinels garrisoned like cocks on a
    Dung hill,
    Crowing to their presidential savior who rings out the
    Hangman’s bell” – oh how right you are.


  6. Powerful and timely, thank you so much Lance!

  7. This gripped me like a vice from your opening lines

    “I have made a mask, a wall to shut me from
Your hate”

    Everything about this is perfection. You are officially one of my favourite poets (you have been for a long time).

  8. Dear Lance, your powerful, impressing poem leaves me quite shaken as there’s so much truth about our present time in it. Elisa

  9. I really like the way you convey things in this poem.

  10. Hi, Lance, I feel like there is something different in this poem compare to your others. I couldn’t explain but there is something so powerful within your words like other comments on the above. Amazing!

  11. crazywitch25 says:

    A Trump fan? He’s not real, if I’m right and not making assumptions here. He’s to condition the public. It’s funny because he’s running out of lies and ideas. Get creative, Trump, right?

    • Not in the least- I wrote this because of all the dirty underhanded crap he’s been pulling for the last three years.

      • crazywitch25 says:

        I dislike Putin. Luckily he’s Russian, so he’ll suffer horribly when he falls out of favor. It’s not totally his fault. MM is a bored sociopath and connected us. Neither will man up because they’re pieces of feces. At least Trump is fun to laugh at, and, while deranged or staged, he isn’t evil, just a lunatic. I still think it’s a conditioning tactic.

  12. Powerful. This knocked the breath out of me, Lance.

  13. librepaley says:

    Powerful stuff, your images are so strong and heart-felt.

  14. Barbara Kasey Smith says:

    Lance, this is what I call Opening Pandora’s Box of what’s taking place in our society today, deceivers, liars, briber, and social problems galore. Excellence in all respects. Barb:)

  15. rabirius says:

    Interesting meditation on mask…
    …and, as always, you have chosen the perfect words to express it.

  16. Powerful write! This could currently work in quite a few countries in the four corners, Lance, such is the state of the world!

  17. And you Saviour will raise your soul!
    I was deeply touched!

  18. Wow! I read this beautiful poem twice in a row. It’s really amazing. With deep implications. My friend Lance, you create literary masterpieces with your extraordinary talent.

  19. rachanadhaka says:

    the more i read … your poems the more learnings it gives. thanks:)

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