Still waters run deep…

A dream, a dream is it all

Dawn is dim once upon
The clear soft flowing water,
Its smooth round stones no longer deep,
No longer fair and flawless.

So once the rivulet sang for lovers souls
Softer than sleeps caresses,
Brighter than moon shadows waxed and waned,
Now sighs for love it cherished.

Sunless hangs the dark sky’s weight,
Cloud on cloud the storm winds veering,
Heaped on high, veiled with ominous vapor,
Lures and lulls subdued by drought,

Less mighty than the heaving of time or fate.
Now, clothed in dust-colored clay
Lying beneath wooded trees,
Warped and wrinkled, endures a woeful state.

It scorns the shore and leaves them free,
Strange as death, fair as life,
O sea-robbed November;
With once statelier semblance, now feigning.

Come early Spring, the white-winged Nor-Easter,
Snow doth melt and spurs the sea,
A dream, a dream is it all—sky, water, wind;
Rivulet, feel your rebirth, your slumber leaving.
(Fulfill with the pulse of diviner pleasure).

A dream, a dream is it all

Sea waters and a small unregarded sun

A desolate land that is lonelier than the
Salt-encrusted sea,
Far fields where weft of grasses lay beneath
Thick woven clouds,
Exhausted by the changing tides;
The marsh holds the wreck of its riches—
No shelter for fallen boats or fishers.

Far flickering sun and winds lacking breath
Offer no hope for waifs of Glaucous gulls,
Their thrall of flight hath sinned;
On wings of mercy they are relentless
In the wan sky where nightfall stands erected.

Late day the seawater is haggard; in her darkening
The sound of tiring carp, bass, bullhead,
Their breath fulfilled for a day,
Yet the hands of waves are not weary of giving,
Whitecaps lay the lash on until fish call in the billows.

Seawalls have no granite for girder,
No fortalice fronting its stand,
The reefs are less bank in its sands,
For the fishing boats have no surety to be
When the bank is abreast of their bows.

The dawn out of darkness is but one,
Out of waters that hurtle and crash,
No rest from the wind as it passes,
Where, hardly redeemed by the waves,
Lie thick among the grasses,
Scatheless across the sea.

As the souls of fisherman disburden
And clean of the sins they cast,
The sea life is guerdoned,
Its flesh the dust of wrecks.

Wave upon wave that the wind cannot
Number are lulled by the chimes of the tides
And here in the sea press drifting
Are the anchors of time—rusted fast and firm
In the marshes, the tomb of those denied.

The sun’s eye flashes to the sea’s live light,
Its warm lips breathe back to breaking clouds,
It kisses the wafted breeze; dense waves change
Under its colored arches, its caps are tipped with gold.

Miles and miles in leagues without a change, yet time
Forgotten, the sea’s borders deep as deep; its plumage
Sharp and soft—salt and splendid, gleams and glows.
Streak of glimmering shoreline, its steeples cleave the low
Bright sky; stern above, the dune hill ranges where life
Has ebbed, too fast its faith of heart was broken.

Sea waters and a small unregarded sun

57 comments on “Still waters run deep…

  1. Your words are soulful and paint a wonderful vision of a small river and then the sea interacting with the sky, wind and Moon. Still waters run deep the Divine Love is deep and infinite this is our water divine spiritual water which recycles through season upon season. Amazing poem.

  2. rabirius says:

    ….they run deep indeed.
    Again, wonderful words, Lance.

  3. Devon Brock says:

    Wonderful as always Lance. Despite the title, I feel drought and ecologic degradation in these poems. I don’t know if you intended such a read, but after my third time through them, I see the changing shoreline and the plundering of the sea. Thought provoking as always.


  4. mbk7mom says:

    Great!!! I love this!!

  5. Jessy B. says:

    This was amazing…

  6. Wow Lance..this is a very ambitious and beautifully written poem..I love the last image as I had been seeing it in my head with just your words describing so well, the ship wrecks, the lost souls,the fallen boats, the sea had swallowed. I also love to read it out loud (would be wonderful to hear you read this some time out-loud) The rhythm and the pace are so perfect for the descriptive lines that float on each verse…I really enjoyed this one Lance

    • Karima, I’m very flattered by your offer. Have never read my work aloud (two friends did- live mic and podcast, but that was years ago). And, I’m very grateful for your marvelous support of my poetry. Sincerely appreciative of your wonderful feedback.

  7. crazywitch25 says:

    I enjoyed this poem. It describes nature so well in all its many facets. You are great with words. I wish you were the one writing the spells.

  8. Thank you for the poem.
    Have a good sunday, Lance !

  9. ssfrerking says:

    With the first poem still ringing in my mind, I look out at the frigid, bleak whiteness and dream of melt and mist.

  10. Rhymes well suited to a cold January, Lance.

  11. Dear Lance, I’ve been wondering for some time already, if you create and arrange the pictures to your poems yourself. They always match wonderfully and reinforce your strong visions. Thank you, Elisa

  12. Wonderful imaginary poem! Very powerful words!
    As always you create a Masterpiece!
    Thank you Lance!

  13. Masterful, Lance, a most enriching read!

  14. lampmagician says:

    Reblogged this on lampmagician and commented:
    A dream, a rebirth 🙏❤👍🙏

  15. Very deep poem! I had to read it three times, and probably a fourth time yet. I take it you live by the sea? I also live on the Cook Inlet in Alaska, I worked on the sea for years and only came to Love it More & More….What a great tribute to the Great Spirit! ________________________________

  16. francisashis says:

    Great!Great!Great writing sir.

  17. Oh how you’ve captured the sea and it’s powerful rhythmic heart beat. I connected with every line and was swept back in time to memories of living on Vancouver Island. Absolutely riveting.

  18. It’s so beautiful and the images are exceptional.

  19. A perfect journey of written love! My perfect habitat, Lance!💦🐬

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