Published back in the day…

Sorrow of the row


Now the solitary one, I find no grace

for myself-
the mercy of the morning
the mercy of the deceased,
trying to pull me back into the sea.

Although disheartened,
I must for a long time
lay motionless on
sand along a
barren shore,
along an ice cold ocean
and tread the path of exile;

events always go as they must.

So speaks the sorrow of the row,
mindful of hardships
of corners cut
and the downfall
of the Starred owner.

Often, or always I had alone
to speak of the disaster
each morning before dawn;

there are not any living
to whom I dare clearly
speak of my innermost thoughts.

I know it truly that it was in
the ship building, several flaws
kept secret, a
as it were;

the sickening terror
the deafening impact
the moment of panic;

could not withstand its fate
nor did a pitiful mind
do any good.

Thus, those eager for glory now
keep secure dreaded thoughts
in their feeble minds.

So, I, the sorrow of the row
often wretched and ashamed
bereft of my duty far from the
have had to bind in fetters my true feelings
since the sinking long ago;

I hid in the loneliness
of the dark,
weak and weary;

from there, traveled sorrowfully
over frozen waves;

I sought to be
sad of the lack
of any passengers,
a giver of life;

indeed now, I can no longer think
why my spirit does not darken;

when I ponder
on the lifeless bodies
that no longer grabbed
at my sides,
their cries silenced by the freezing air;

losing sight
as the lights
sank beneath the Atlantic surface;

I was blown by the wind,
covered with the
frost from stilled voices;

then my oars touched
the ocean
with a deafening silence
and carried me away,
my seats eerily creaked-
no one was inside to quiet them;

I had chosen to
save myself.

Copyright © 04/15/2013 lance sheridan®

The sorrow of the row

47 comments on “Published back in the day…

  1. I think this time I’m the first one to write a comment about your great poem. My friend, Lance, actually you have a great talent! And now I’m reading another amazing poem of you! Thank you, Lance! Keep up the great job!

  2. Al says:

    Tremendous conclusion for such a dense, magnetic and suggestive story! And better yet… illustrating every solemnity of sentences with the enigmatic hue of those intriguing reflections… among sinister, melancholy and stimulating.

    Once read these thougths… one ends up undefeated, facing any grim threat that the Hades could bring us… transmuting it into another empyrean.

  3. NZain says:

    Oh the Sea Change the transformation…for better or for worse—who can say? Lance, I so appreciate your writings—and the connection here. Always I learn from you.

  4. crazywitch25 says:

    I enjoyed this poem. I wish I could write like this, but it’s like flying, for the birds!

  5. Profound and deep poetic words so well composed, Lance. Every word had such a potent meaning. Awesome.

  6. So impressing, dear Lance! Elisa

  7. As always, powerful and moving, Lance. I was reminded of the flaws in the Titanic’s construction, e.g. the short rivets used as a cost-saving measure. But the words “there are not any living
    to whom I dare clearly speak of my innermost thoughts” seemed to have a deeper meaning. They describe eloquently those who have endured hardship beyond the ordinary. I worked years ago w/ a Holocaust survivor who could not speak of her ordeal. Many are like her. Only poets give them voice. ❤

  8. Devon Brock says:

    Excellent as always, Lance. Beyond the events portrayed in this poem lies the guilt of choosing ourselves over others or worse yet, to the detriment of others. Truly solid metaphor.


  9. Wonderful Lance, as always!

  10. Wow! Exceptional top – notch writing! Now you are a writer to be inspired from.

  11. Oh, I didn’t see your last poem, so beautiful .
    Have a good day, Lance.

  12. theresaly520 says:

    Such a profoundly dark place to walk in the midst of! So well written, as always. It reminds me of my parents as refugee boat people and the stories they’ve shared with me over the years.

  13. Susi Bocks says:

    Such a haunting journey you’ve taken us on, Lance! ❤

  14. Lia says:

    “there are not any living
    to whom I dare clearly
    speak of my innermost thoughts.”
    This felt like the essence of the work somehow; also the last line, so truthful… one has to have come face to face with death to know it… I was impressed by that.

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