The replicant †

I am shallow and silver. I do not have a heart,
only a flickering light
like a dull candle or a half moon, I reflect it faithfully.
I am truthful, a four-cornered
insignificant little god;
religion bends over me like a drowned sea.
I kneel upon its shore.

I seek the liars on the opposite wall of the church.
Their untruths are a necessity
flowing in scrolls of their ancient text;
flowing from their mouths,
stiffening odors of scriptures,
headstones in hymns;
their crusade unholy, it sanctions heresy.

I am bonewhite in their incoherent darkness,
death to their religion,
patriarchs that should be excommunicated;
I expose their embarrassments,
their adolescence, impotence in their beliefs.
They are a drugged awakening
seeking sacrificial wine

Draining like water into a baptismal.
Each genuflect flees as an ascension
into Heaven,
all suffocating like the howling man.
Their eyes are pagan and lifeless
as a penitential exercise,
sinners staring up at their accuser.

A crucifixion, crackling splinters of wood
driven through my artificial limbs;
I am flashing sunlight.
Their followers plunge and toss their heads
like apocalyptic horses;
everyone pointing and shouting.
I struggle to throw down my beliefs at their feet.

A resurrection. I am eating a church wafer
from my nailed hand.
It is absolution.
My mouth speaks the truth; my congregation
embraces by a stain glass window.
The unholy look up from the wall,
a reformation. It is time it was time.

The replicant

60 comments on “The replicant †

  1. Garima Puri says:

    Amazing explanation of the meaning replicant sir 😊😊

  2. gary j says:

    Deeply moving piece this. Hope you are well and safe. Peace and love to you and yours.
    greetings from oz.

  3. Silent Hour says:

    It was like a fresco in a Byzantine church. Very strong images.

  4. Beautiful words about hypocrisy of old Church men, Lance !

  5. João-Maria says:

    Lance, I’d suppose it would be fruitless to vaunt your talents; they are apparent, hyaloid, even.
    But I’d like to tell you that I’m tremendously happy to have found you, and I will surely buy your works.
    And a bombastic thank-you for writing.

  6. Powerful. You draw a sharp and biting distinction between the “religion” which consists of empty rituals, and a true relationship w/ God. Sadly, legalism and hypocrisy by the religious establishment are two of the strongest factors driving believers hungry for relationship away from the church.

  7. Yes, wonderful imagery, strong and a bit disturbing..I feel that this replicant (unlike the one in Blade Runner)could be hanging on a silver chain around a neck, a reminder of the true meaning behind Christ’s crucifixion. I agree with Anna, you poke and disturb the muck of hypocrisy that has crept into the hierarchical structure since Jesus humbly walked the earth. Your replicant shines on all the dark corners with reformation on his lips.

  8. murisopsis says:

    Where to begin? As so many have said – this is powerful and disturbing. To me there is always an element of evil that insinuates itself into religion. The closer to the truth you draw, the more strongly evil pursues you. It is that lurking power that seduces so many from the straight path. You have again written a poem with startling images and thought provoking passages…

  9. Kally says:

    Such strong words and images. Very intriguing.

  10. lampmagician says:

    A Replicant; a wider look than the Reality! Brilliant 👍🙏💖

  11. The first verse is too good my friend. I simply love the way your words always paints a picture in mind.

  12. A good choice of picture and the words spell the truth about the hypocrisy of the church and religion.

  13. Lance, your poetry always, always, leaves me breathless. In this one, the lines “Their eyes are pagan and lifeless as a penitential exercise, sinners staring up at their accuser” seemingly sums up what so many religions bring to us/and we to it. There is such a wide chasm between faith and religion as to be insurmountable and your marvelous imagery brings the one, false religion, to account. Thank you, my friend. You never, ever, disappoint.

    • Barbara, my deepest and most gracious appreciation for your thoughtful and inspiring reviews of my poetry. They are clear, concise and speak the truth of what I hope to get across to my readers. I am forever grateful for your time and your knowledge as a writer. Blessings, my friend.

  14. Fall Fraust says:

    My oh my Lance, such fierce words painting a mesmerizing landscape in my mind. You are such a force to be reckoned with, and I love the poetic journey that your words take me on.

  15. sandomina says:

    Very powerful and beautiful.

  16. Amazing! As always a great poem! Thank you, Lance! Stay safe and be well my friend!

  17. Watt says:

    Your words are so stunning. wow. I am speechless.

  18. Joana Alaves says:

    Brilliant reflection to hypocrisy of the church and religion and suggestive images. Blessings 😊

  19. rabirius says:

    Really fantastic and a lot to think about.

  20. Wow, I dint know poem can be this brutally honest !!! Really liked reading it. Amazing piece indeed👌👌

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