Leaving for awhile…

Dear Friends,

I will be away from WP for an extensive period. All is good. Your wonderful reviews, feedback, thoughts, and support are deeply appreciated. I wish you the absolute best in all your writing endeavors. Stay safe and be well.

Warm regards,


Naked sea in a still place

This is the sea’s end, this cobbled, fishing village,
How the sunset’s breath draws on my hobbled walk.

Cod and halibut, once scooped from the deep brine
By weathered men, salt air nettled in calloused hands.

Why is it so quiet, why are fishing boats with blackened bows?
Their water-lines gasping for a breath.

A quietness dampers the street sounds,
It stretches for years, the shrunken, aging voices.

Aging wooden crutches, half my older size;
The creases in my face, etched by salted wind.

Storms and rain like anchored chains, pummeled the fishers,
Is it any wonder we all survived?

Is it any wonder we weren’t all swept into the darkened abyss?
Drowned among the mackerel, kettled schools

Who swim with their backs against us,
Silver and gray like the perts of our bodies.

The sea, that bred these,
Creeps away like a sea snake, slithering distress.

This tired, aging, salted body has no mercy for us,
Why should it, it is the hearse of forgotten souls.

O unforgiving sea
What dregs sigh, what brine in our throats.

And our families, worrying,
Drawn together like a long pencil line.

On the widow’s walk, hands writhing
Things, things.

Oft, I hobble to the breakwater, spotted with wooden debris,
I am a fisherman, not a land attendant.

I am no longer a smile,
Our children here for a fish, with empty hooks and cries.

And their hearts too small to bandage,
Do I fault the sea?

They watch the fishers vanishing
There is no help from their weeping mothers.

Now the sailcloth, gray and tattered, flickering
In the wind like a pitiful candle.

It is the tongue of a dying profession, remember, remember;
What is the name of colors on the sinking vessels?

Old wood like stumps in a harbor;
Their names disappearing, wordless and slow.

Naked sea in a still place, necessary fish once in search
Of a net; pallors of fishing hands no longer gather.

Copyright © 09/01/17 lance sheridan®

Naked sea in a still place

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43 comments on “Leaving for awhile…

  1. Lance, this poem is magnificent. I’ll miss reading you, you’re always an inspiration. All the best!

  2. murisopsis says:

    May your time away be productive and rejuvinating. Come back to us stronger. Until then stay well and stay safe!

  3. NZain says:

    Be well, Lance. 🙂

  4. Watt says:

    Be well and stay safe. This was a beautiful poem. 🙂

  5. I wish you well, wherever you may be and I speak for many, I am sure, when I say you will be very missed Lance!

  6. You leave us with a wonderful poem !
    Be well and stay safe, Lance.

  7. Mindsplint says:

    Thanks for this wonderful Poem, Lance and
    have a good time.

  8. delphini510 says:

    Whatever takes you away for a while, I wish you a good time. We will be happy
    to see you again. Bless


  9. Farewell Dear Poet! I shall miss your poetry greatly. Enjoy your next journey, wherever it takes you, however, please do return to WordPress and share those adventures! Blessings always, Deborah.

  10. J says:

    Hope you will be back soon, enjoy whatever will cross your path.

  11. João-Maria says:

    Oh, Lance, it’s a pity that I’ve just found you are you seem to be flitting off, but I understand the necessity of certain voyages. Especially of this kind.
    I wish you the absolute best, and please, return with luminant poetry, as I’m sure you shall.

  12. Oh, Lance, what am I going to do without my best inspiration, the kindest, most gracious of words that kept me writing. What am I going to do without your magnificent poetry, like this one in in which you seemed to be saying goodbye. Always, Lance, always, your poetry made me want to be a better poet. All I can do is wish you well wherever you go, whatever you do. Be well. Be safe. Be happy.

  13. Dear Lance, looking forward too see you back with us very soon, I thank you and send you my best and warm wishes. Take care, big hugs! 💐

  14. Isha Garg says:

    I’ll be waiting for your poems to return, Lance! You’re truly an inspiration, a blessing to poetry, nay, to art itself! May your break offer you many inspired moments and happiness. Take care!

  15. I’ll miss seeing your poetry. I hope you’ll return soon. Take care!

  16. Baydreamer says:

    Beautiful words, Lance, and you’ll be missed. Take care and be safe.

  17. How beautiful to end on a sea journey poem, it meanders through time. Will miss your words but wait for your return. Take care, keep safe and well.

  18. Wish you the absolute best too, Lance.
    You will be greatly missed.
    Stay safe.

  19. Joana Alaves says:

    Stay safe and healthy my dear Lance. 🌸

  20. My dear friend Lance, I’m shocked! But I’m looking forward to seeing you back with us very soon. You are an amazing poet and a great man! Please take care and stay safe and well!

  21. Silent Hour says:

    You’ll be missed. Be well!

  22. Best wishes for your new adventure!

  23. Be safe, well, and happy!

  24. Blessings to you Lance! Take care!

  25. Dear Lance, we’ll miss you a lot: your words, your presence, the beauty and artfulness of your poems. Do take care and have a good time! Elisa

  26. lampmagician says:

    I heartily hope everything is Okay. And wish you a calm, leisure and wonderful time. Take care and stay safe. We will miss you 🙏👍🙏💖

  27. A very interesting tittle and a mysterious curious ending. What can I say other than I truly admire your creativity. Thankyou lance for your wonderful poems. I will miss your work.

  28. Do what you need to do, my friend. Rest assured you will be deeply missed, but not forgotten.

  29. Geo says:

    That’s a great poem!

  30. Magnificent poem! 😊

  31. Take care.Come back soon .🙏

  32. molekulka says:

    The progress and development of technology means that many professions are dying out. The profession is difficult, dangerous and not at all as profitable as it used to be. Fishing service brokers more often earn more than fishermen and fishing equipment is expensive and hard work means that young people are not eager for this profession.
    I greet warmly :))

    • Yes, the days of the old mom and pop stores that were the backbone of the economy have all faded away. Now the captains of industry look at one thing and one thing only- the bottom line. And, they’ll achieve a profit at all costs, even at the expense of their employees. Best regards.

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