Letter to my followers

Dear Friends,

As you know, I take my work very seriously, as we all should. This includes being completely dedicated to one’s art through reading and writing. In our journeys to become better writers, we meet fellow travelers along the way. Some with more experience than ourselves, some with less. It is up to each one of us to learn, as well as it is to help.
Unfortunately, not everyone who we encounter is gregarious. They may seem so at first, perhaps to advance their own position in the field of literary works by pretending to really ‘like’ our style, our writing. One such incident just occurred. I won’t go into the lengthy details, and although I was a bit weary of their claim to boost my poetic presence abroad, I agreed to have them proceed (this was why I had intended to put my efforts into this venture, to take time off from WordPress). It was a complete farce, a ruse.
I am deeply indebted to each and everyone of you for the beautiful thoughts and comments that you have written. Without your most generous support, there would be no poetry. You greatly inspire, uplift, teach, and motivate my writing. Thank you sincerely.

Warm wishes,

The Book of Isaiah

I am that which began, the soul of god,
equal and whole.
Yet, god changes the man,
his colored flesh,
his firm limbs,
much in the way he changed the land
and sea.

Out of me a woman, and the fruit,
and fate
forgotten as the plough of earth,
the dust which is god
wrought from water and iron,
communed and sold
to the peasants of Jerusalem.

They are neither prophets or poets,
nor a throne;
mothers forsake their children.
Their labor is the
red fruit of death, blood and breath;
servants to the lord,
slaves to the master.

The shadows of clouds furrow
a kingdom,
their darkness is in the bud of life;
pity and passion.
Worshiped as a sun until the
sun rose.
Its light is in the deep root of trees.

Its tongue is the winds tongue,
barren streams and
clay mud land,
death worms are below;
they have their part in me,
as I have my part in them,
it is a pilgrimage of death and life.

I have not need of prayer. I do not
behold that god made me;
his miracles are shod,
he trembles in heaven.
His anguish is here in Israel.
Our truths are slayed and unforgiven.

My beliefs are the seed of my soul,
equal and one with me.
My brethren are hostile, it beats
in the darkness,
their beliefs live in empty skins;
they clutch at an empty god.
I shall be glad of their deaths.

I am alone in the kingdom. My
misery is three thousand years of
unsheltered contempt.
Almighty, why have I shared the
shame of tyranny,
nailed to its cross- dark,
dead, unmeasured.

O Mighty god, insect or beast,
all-beholding heaven,
have you not heard my agony?
Alas, pain, pain forever.
Your ever piercing arrows have
burned cold into my bones.
In their hoar frost I kiss death.

How my soul, riven to its depth
with terror
gapes like hell within; no
exultation, for I hate no more.
My misery has made
me wise. God’s curse no longer
breathes on me.

The Book of Isaiah


203 comments on “Letter to my followers

  1. philipparees says:

    Thank you for finding your way to my site. And for leaving a calling card! I sympathise with your sense of destructive betrayal. Perhaps I can offer a small comfort. I have recently had Covid19, very badly and I am only just beginning to recover. It is an extraordinary illness because it strips away any illusions, and leaves only the bare metal of the Self. A disease of ruthless truth!

    As I fell into the abyss I passed the recent friendships, all literary friends, who I had engaged with over both my and their writings. I saw each wrapped in a kind of cling film of my expectations and hopes, which had distorted my perceptions of who they were. I realised that I had been obedient to their opinions and made destructive changes to my work ( because of insecurity) rather than take what they offered ( and a few really did offer good ideas) but retain my judgement and self-belief. I had allowed myself to be lost because of hope.

    When after five weeks of severe illness I visited my email there was not one personal enquiry ( although there were many fishing to redesign my website or ‘market’ or republish at a fee) I had to face that real friends are very few, and even those have their own views which will contradict or limit their objectivity.

    I have not yet fully adjusted to this truth but I had to be reminded that each of us is alone, and only embracing that gives the clarity to stand upright. This does not mean I am unaware of the hurt and disappointment. Only that weathering disappointment makes one stronger. All the best.

    • You’re graciously welcome. And, many sincere thanks for coming to mine. I’m so very sorry to hear about you having had Covid19, and what it did to you. I am glad you’re a survivor.
      Your description of what has happened to you and your literary works saddens me as a fellow writer. It’s good you’ve retained your judgement and self-belief though.
      I can’t imagine how you felt when finding no one had inquired about your devastating illness. And that only vultures where circling above looking for their own personal gain. Yes, real friends are very few, especially on the internet. However, one must take the bad with the good in order to maintain some sort of self preservation.
      I’m sure it’ll all take time for we live in a fast paced age of technology. And trying to readjust can be overwhelming. I do hope in time you can bounce back through shear determination and overcome the hurt. Best wishes, Lance.

      • philipparees says:

        Thank you. Yes, vultures there are plenty, but even those we call friends ( and sincerely mean that) have their own freedoms to object and disqualify. It has to be that way.

        What underpinned my absurd susceptibility to the opinions that were not my own-but theirs- was self doubt and insecurity which I have had to see quite clearly. Enough of those to abandon what I genuinely believed worthwhile. It has been a very valuable lesson in facing my own responsibility.

        Not all is lost Lance! Thanks for reading and replying.

      • My sincere pleasure. It is that way, good or bad. And one must always remember to keep moving forward, to self-improve. That is key.
        It has been a wake up call, for certain. Keeping focused on your reading and writing will no doubt aid you in your recovery.
        It is a wonderful pleasure. Peace and light.

  2. beetleypete says:

    Hi, Lance.
    Many thanks for following my blog, which is much appreciated.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  3. Thanks for your follow of my site, and in so doing, introducing me to yours, which I know I will now enjoy. Loved this particular piece, The Book of Isaiah.

  4. Thanks for following us . You writes awesome !
    Keep writing!

  5. kendreart says:

    Wow. And that’s not a good enough word. This post and all the comments have really changed my day: here is hope 🙏🏻 thank you Lance and all your followers 🙏🏻

  6. Hi Lance, Namaste from India!

    Firstly thanks for joining our Art Blog, especially the one solving Albrecht Durer 500 yr old mystery. As you are probably aware by now, we are painters and sketchers not writers but we try to make our blog as entertaining as possible so thanks for “enduring”. I really thought this particular blog would get spotted and set the Art world on fire but it didnt get found by anyone on Google so far, so a bit disappointed!

    Secondly, sorry to hear that you had a bad international experience artistically and hope that it wasnt from India. All the best for the future and will be watching your posts for rest of this year.

    Nandan Artist

    • Greetings from the States!

      It is a great honor to do so. Albrecht Dürer was an exceptional artist. Wonderful that you’re celebrating his mystery. Yes, I love art and find your blog to be quite exceptional. Never give up- you’ll achieve your goal!

      Thank you very much. No, the incident wasn’t from India. You as well- wishing you the absolute best!

      Blessings, Lance.

  7. Powerful words depicting a self-loathing, god-loathing individual. “Faith is the evidence of things hoped for, the substance of things not seen.” — Hebrews 11:1 You are very good at writing poetry. Blessings!

  8. Welcome to that little voice and thank you for following my blog.

  9. I’m so sorry that this person was deceptive. I wish that everyone in this world was honoring in a genuine way. Not only do you have a true gift, but you ARE a true gift to this world, and you deserve better!

  10. This is so unfortunate !!! Such incidences kill the faith on people in the long run. Nevertheless, you are one amazing writer I know and follow. Your every piece is unique always and in all ways. I am sure, all the love from your readers will definitely shine a smile on you, take care !!!

    • Yours and all my followers support have been quite marvelous. Adversity always brings out the best in people, and of course in this unfortunate incident it has not only brought out best in human nature, but has shown the exceptional caliber of my fellow writers. You have my utmost gratitude and deepest appreciation. Blessings.

  11. JCDattoli says:

    Grato, Lance, por seguir o meu blog (obemviver.blog.br). Fiquei honrado!
    Oportunamente olharei sua vasta publicação, certamente, de muita qualidade. Vou manter contato!
    Abraço, Clovis

    • Clovis, it is indeed a great honor to read your exemplary work and follow your blog! And, I look forward to your reading my poetry. Thank you, sincerely. Peace and light.

  12. Hello sir, I didn’t know about your blog since you started following mine yesterday, I like poetry a lot and you write really beautiful poems.

    • Hello! It’s such a wonderful pleasure to have discovered your site, your fabulous work! Thank you so very much; and for your support and the follow. Best to you always.

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