C-ɱσσɳ & ƚԋҽ Wҽɾҽɯσʅϝ

The wheeling moon in her sleep night
(published twice)

She tried to sleep to kiss the dream,
Let fall the clocking time, the slumber eye,
Shifting planets, the wheeling moon.
So, with teddy bear, they flew the sky
And touched the stardust like angel wings.

She fled her mother’s eye who wept,
Fled the nightlight, its ghostly shadows,
On a cloud coast, she climbed the twilight.
Left behind her siblings under blanket and thatch
Caught the windlass winch, the night mist ride.

Softly, silently falling asleep, the inches into dreams,
The quiet dark thimbles, she knows the fairy tale thread,
Yards of the milk white rain, and sly red wind. The fables
Of yore. Leaping gnomes, and the black backed dragons
So deeply sleeping a way in the C-moon wheeling.

#1The wheeling moon in her sleep night

Body’s raw wound
(published twice)

The dark moon shadow stalks me down,
Its dust bags of light scar me;
In a touch, flesh, bone, blood quickens,
I pick off the worms, drunk from a lick.
I walk the night, haggard through the
White street lamps, singeing filaments
Cataract my eyes. Obscure vision

Corkscrewing down storm drains. And the
Shadow, like a black wolf, each paw on
Me a brier; my doom consummates a bodily need;
It snares me, hungry, hungry. It eats
To satisfy a need, I am gutted to an undertaker.
Blood floods to a spot, purple; the rest of me
Is whitewash board, stiff as I crawl down a sidewalk.

Its tread is a weighted enemy, my heart shuts,
It peels me like linen; its breath anesthetizes and shoves
Me into a bad dream. It feels like hell;
Charred and ravened in snarled thickets of ash.
I disappoint them, I pray for a heaven,
To a god. This earth I rise from, let my soul writhe in dew.
I am stepping from this skin, featureless into eternity.

#1Body's raw wound

149 comments on “C-ɱσσɳ & ƚԋҽ Wҽɾҽɯσʅϝ

  1. Yleniaely says:

    Absolutely gorgeous and magnificent poems!!! 😊

  2. Lance you have captured the beauty of the moon with this awesome picture and your words are excellent. The other poem too of the body and its raw wound have words of truth in them. Too good.

  3. inspirechief says:

    Lance, you truly have a way with words. Your gift touches many people. Thank you for sharing these lovely poems. Take care.

  4. I just wrote about the moon. I find it ever-inspiring.


  5. peggyjoan42 says:

    Your poetry is very deep. I must admit that sometimes it is a little over my head. I write poetry, but nothing like the depth of your poetry. I did enjoy the first poem very much.

  6. Oh Lance,every stanza flows and is so beautiful.
    You have shown us the opposite sides of moon’s spectrum:
    The magic that transports the innocent to her fairy fantasies, slowly lulling her to sleep, and the vampire stalking the streets, under moonlight, ripping, tearing open, feeding, from her life’s blood. The wheeling moon (I love that expression as I have said before), beckons the sweet young girl to her dreamy sleep. The Vampire moon, slowly drains a young woman of her life, sending her to eternity.. The first is some of the most beautiful classical verse I have read from you Lance; each stanza, a canvas being painted so vividly, it nearly pops off the frame into my eyes and the second, a powerful tale of death seeking life to preserve its own immortality.
    The last line is so vivid, “I am stepping from this skin, featureless into eternity” Powerful image! I really admire your ability to move as easily as the moon does, Lance, across its full spectrum! Bravo!

    • Karima, you are the quintessential reviewer, my wonderful friend. Your added depth in words intensifies the meaning of my poetry. Reading your thoughts on my weekly posts greatly strengthens my motivation to better myself when writing. I am graciously appreciative of your time and dedication to uplifting so many writers. Blessings.

  7. Such beautiful poetry Lance.

  8. So beautiful Lance.
    I have Nominated uyou for the Liebster Award!
    Blessings, Cindy

  9. Msdedeng says:

    Makes me pause and think 🙂

  10. Lia says:

    Lance, amazing…

    I am now going to offer up some constructive criticism… please feel free to ignore or trash it if it doesn’t work for your flow or your mission: Your poems are so beautiful and deep and intricate and it’s really too much for simple folks like me to take two of them in one sitting haha… I wish they would be published as separate posts. . :)) 💛. :)) 💛

    I did skim the second but I am revelling in the first for now… oh oh oh, gorgeous dream of delight.

    “The quiet dark thimbles, she knows the fairy tale thread,
    Yards of the milk white rain, and sly red wind.”

    sigh…. thanks for sharing the fount of your beautiful pen.

    • Lia, I’m very appreciative of you sharing your thoughts. From time to time I do post one poem every Sunday. It just worked out where I’d write a poem, followed by another (not intentionally) with a similar theme. Rather than post separately, I chose to post simultaneously.
      Blessings, my friend.

  11. This poem has touched my soul, thank you for blessing my feed with this wonderful creation, you write beautifully 🌷🦋

  12. Both poems are fabulous. The images in the second poem ending with such a visceral gut-punch of death . . . you’re so talented!

  13. Wow. For the first time in the wordpress, I saw someone who can actually give you goosebumps and make you think about his classic poems. Amazing work!

  14. You touch the soul, Lance. Your first poem of this pair made me think of the lines from Macbeth:

    “Sleep that knits up the raveled sleave of care,
    The death of each day’s life, sore labor’s bath,
    Balm of hurt minds, great nature’s second course,
    Chief nourisher in life’s feast” (Act 2, Scene 2).

    Your second poem reminded me of a verse from Scripture. “[W]ho will transform our lowly body that it may be conformed to His glorious body, according to the working by which He is able even to subdue all things to Himself” (Phil. 3: 21). ❤

  15. murisopsis says:

    These poems do not disappoint! The C-moon is silky and describes the smooth slide into sleep and dreams. As for the second – an apt description of death and rising to an eternal life.

  16. Navin says:

    Dear Lance, amazing writings…crazy choice of words…they simply flow…the depths are deep…the images are so intense…

  17. charef says:

    Toujours aussi beaux et agréable à lire. Merci ami poète pour ce partage.

  18. Syd Weedon says:

    Lance, that is luscious. Nice work.

  19. Remarkable! Loved them..Softly, silently falling asleep, the inches into dreams,
    The quiet dark thimbles, she knows the fairy tale thread,
    Yards of the milk white rain, and sly red wind. Beautiful. 🙂

  20. These are amazing, Lance.

    Your illustrations visualized your words vividly.

    The last line: “I’m stepping from this skin, featureless into eternety.” It pierced my soul even more with the marvelous image of a cracked body.

    Bless your soul!

  21. Thanks so much for being following. I’m sorry I don’t know English, I wrote with a translator. Greetings

  22. christin says:

    Wow, it was so mystical.

  23. Publish thrice and a million more, for your words do open, my heart’s true core.

  24. But it is I who ought to be thanking you,
    for this lovely poetic rendezvous.

  25. Kally says:

    This is so amazing. You really have a way with words.

  26. Baydreamer says:

    What a way with words you have, Lance. Both poems are so beautiful.

  27. You have such a way with words, Mr. Sheridan! You’ve managed to manifest the simple act of falling asleep as a rogue’s journey towards the stars, like Peter Pan! You’ve even added a dark sense of beauty to a man who’s slowly dying from his wound, which may or may not have been the result of an animal attack

    I’m no Karima Hoisen, but I hope you feel very proud of yourself for having created these from your mind, and having typed them with your fingers~

  28. I do believe all of the ideas you have introduced in your
    post. They’re very convincing and can definitely work.
    Still, the posts are too brief for newbies. May you please
    extend them a bit from next time? Thanks for the post.

  29. I love your vivid artistry of words Lance. I impacted by your Poetic intensity!

  30. Such beauty in your words! One reading never suffices.

  31. How beautiful ! ❤️ “I am stepping from this skin, featureless into eternity”! If we could only know more …..

  32. It’s like the words come alive in my mind as I read..the words really flow..if this was music,it would be divine🤲🏽really awesome work Lance🤭🥳

  33. Wow amazing as always. *Charred and ravened in snarled thickets of ash.* Reading this I got goosebumps.Profound words. Keep blogging man.✌🌸

  34. Excellent poem! Your words are magic! In your poems, with amazing words and descriptions, you raise the power of human imagination as much as possible! This is great and unique. Thank you so very much my friend Lance!

  35. Nilesh Kumar says:

    Absolutely beautiful! Your writing amazing 👌

  36. Your poetry is gorgeous!

  37. lyncrain says:

    Congratulations, I also nominated you for Outstanding Blogger Award

  38. Your words are very powerful, yet very soft in a way. Nice writing

  39. Marsha says:

    I love the picture of the moon. You’ve captured an essence of dreams flitting and carrying us off to life in unchartered waters. I love the first two lines, “She tried to sleep to kiss the dream,
    Let fall the clocking time, the slumber eye,” It must have been a beautiful dream. I wanted to stop by to also thank you for following my blog, Always Write. Come back any time. You have a beautiful blog here.

  40. Ruelha says:

    Wow Lance, you write so beautifully.

  41. Sybille Lengauer says:

    Beautiful one, thank you for sharing with us

  42. TINY SPECS says:

    Beautiful poem.You certainly have a with words .Poems touch a cord in heart

  43. Lance, delightfully creepy poems! Regards, Cheryl

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