I am death’s opus

I think I am going up,
The hand sweat trickles
And stiffens a gun;
Do I terrify
The eye pits, the heart.

The beads of hot lead fly
And I, love, and I
Am pure adrenaline;
A new death a virgin
Attended by a black rose.

Oh, and I cry out against it,
I am powerful, but to what extent?
The victim thought he was god,
Never, never will I reach his perfection
Even in a fragment of a prayer.

The holy water fountains are dry
And the sermon is over;
The prison guards are fat like little pigs,
A dark mist has entered my soul,
I enter into an hour of blankness.

Some hard meal,
How yellow are the heavens?
I have eaten a bag of lies;
My little head bulges in a shock,
I smile like a fish.

It would be better if it were alive,
But it’s dead;
They are dragging my body slowly
To the worm cage,
There is mud on my feet,

Thick, red and slipping.
I fall into an earth
Bald and burning,
I cannot undue death;
Stiffened in the throat of a grave.

Copyright © 11/18/18 lance sheridan®

I am death's opus


Ghost ship

Shackled to a whole black sea,
Riding the red-tide, this barnacled
Dead ship, skulled and crossboned,
Lists, grinding lumber
In a jacket of worms, diminishing ghost.

All the long gone pirates: They
Get back, though, soon,
Soon, be it by wake, funeral,
Childbirth to a womb:
Any touch a sanctuary, usurping time

Between tick and tack of the clock;
Until they go, each freebooter to lie
Deadlocked in shadows of blue with cold,
Never seeing the sun come up, and are met,
Instead, by wave-tips glittering like jack plugs.

Fading apparitions, ghosts dwindling on peg-legs,
Bureaus of bones, wavering, gauze-edged;
Trailing rudder into the crisp dark cusp of the sea,
Skeletons thin to nothing, the draggled lot;
The ship ribbed every winch and stay.

Copyright © 11/16/18 lance sheridan®

Ghost ship

A ladder over water- published…

The sea was low, floating veil of a sapphire sun
the shore away, plum; crimson white dunes and
clustering sand, ebbs the tide over the silver stone;
through the crimson stream i walked with wood

And nail. …soon as when minutes begun, i built
a ladder to climb to the sea; built with wood from
wrecks in rain and storm, melodiously the wind
sang, yet the forgotten weep in dusk depths of sea

Their bells toll in an unknown tongue, clanged as
i drove rusted, aging ships nails into languished
wood, swelled with salt; the washing waves, clouds
billowy like swaying trees, air thickened, my drifting

Breath, yet i did not tire; my sweat, languent running
drops into the sea, threads of my soul drifting to the
bottom; with calloused hands, a ladder over water so
that i may place a wreath for the fretted sailors drowned.

Copyright © 07/12/16 lance sheridan®

The little odyssey

It beguiles-
This little odyssey
With Walrus in brown and ivory
Walking by a shining sea
In the middle of the night,
With billowing waves
And sulky moon;
Bear up the Carpenter
Screaming, screaming,
In his apron armor:

Such quantities of terrapins
Ferried from a fishpond,
With fanged and dreadful heads.
Beware, beware,
Their shells are polished for a joust,
They gleam like easter eggshells;
Said the Walrus fulfilling a boast:
Bring forth each goblin head,
One thrust, one thrust,
One thrust of my tusks

And they are sped;
So a fable goes.
And so the Walrus sings
In his bathtub deep;
But oh, the Carpenter knows
The Sea-Dragon with its fangs
Hazardous and long,
Will uprear from the ocean floor,
Beware, beware,
Of fins and scales
Polished for a meal,

One bite, one bite
One bite of a Walrus
And its belly will be fed;
And all the Oysters scurried up
Eager for a treat,
And thick and fast
The Sea-Beast came at last;
The time has come, said the Walrus
To beat a hasty retreat, feed him
A loaf of bread instead with butter rather thick!

Copyright © 11/13/18 lance sheridan®

The little odyssey

Love as one

Love always meets, not here, but only
in an impossible world;
a multitude of feelings: warm as the sun
on a tin roof;
long as sails touching a summer sky.

Walking beside bright pieces of a stream
creating memories;
hopes so high, they are comfortable:
flowers for a remedy;
stars ticking out a lullaby.

Kiss in a dubious doorway as leaves applaud,
swallow your pride as dawn swallows the morn,
go fishing for a tilting fish in a rare river:
laugh and cry as you lavish your blessings;
jump in the surf and touch a moonbeam.

Read a mystery together by candlelight,
hold hands on a sandy beach:
skip stones to make a lake wink,
skate on it in winter when it is a frozen rink;
watch a thousand sunsets, then another.

Grow old together while the footlights flare,
be dreamers in an illusionary world:
get drenched in a sweet summer rain,
embark on a day trip, a world trip;
And always, always say, I love you.

Copyright © 11/11/18 lance sheridan®

Love as one