Autumn pond water

Morning clouds burning off like
Smoldering embers. Leaves
Dropping like twisted scarves,

Bark on archaic trees
Thick with a breeze. Graying
Mist paints over a pond

Gilled with perch and trout.
An early frost scrolls a
Shoreline of duckweed water

With spirals of ice-crystals.
In a dell rung by the ground
Cold, the withering of flowers;

Old roots searching for a warmth
Burrow into the dry salvages
Of earth. Down boles of the elm.

And while the air was stirring, the
Hourglass of Autumn sifted a drift
Of winter. Flakes falling from a tin sky.

And the wind began to howl. The
Distant sound rote in the cold mouth;
And the heaving snow rounded

The hollow, cowering pond and the
Littered branches. And Autumn bailing in a
Boat. Silent listening to the undeniable.

Copyright © 09/22/17 lance sheridan®