a deeper silence

sawed off a section by the railroad committee 

sawed off like a .12 gauge barrel 
sawed off, rolled to the ground
saw horse galloped off
(searching for frank l. baum),
handful of sawdust taken by termites
to feed their young
railroad tie no longer eating the tree bark,
stack of corded wood eating a fireplace fire;
big pieces of forest trees used to make
tables for poor houses
others, used as railroad ties to transport them,
clothes given them at birth already tattered,
already ragged
much like black and white prison stripes,
like forests, dwellers in a make believe wood,
hoping, hoping;
they touch the tree like a blind man touches
his face with a razor
when tree cutters come, they crash through
saplings like hounds do a fox
masses do not have a soul, was sold for clothing
kindling burns for railroad hobos like old
frying pans on wood stoves,
have to fight boxcar space with children’s dirty
faces, with dirty tears;
poor house bound, corner quick, slick rain track,
derails into a swamp
metal and creosote twisted wreckage, carpentry
on trains obsolete like new growth forests
survivors. too poor to die. but, one railroad tie
lies motionless
cannot emerge, is not rescued, marsh crane
to land on…
Copyright © 04/22/2013 Ðark Ṝoasted Ƣoetry®