light of day

she walks through the worm earth

dirt with a circus mind


crippling headache like a roar

of tigers


eats a bag of peanuts while

elephants starve


she watches a saw bone man fix

broken acrobats


who trapeze onto straw floors


smells a thousand miles of

rail track


and smoke;


train stations orphanages to



where Tennyson holds up



of fairy tales;


horse and buggies sit quiet

on dirt streets


as a circus caravan leaves

wagon wheel metal




sideshow freaks a confusing

swirl of ugly


and bizarre


hookie school children watch

from behind nails


and crooked boards;


air slams on big top canvas,



clowns come out of cartoon



horses and hoops of fire,

they jump through

like moths through a lantern



in a gilded cage, lions pace

with memories


audience puts its clapping in

mason jars,


grocer sells on shelves next

to old cans of soup;


she was a high−wire performer,



fell to a sound of a crackerjack

box tab pull


her epitaph makes ash and dust

her paper


husband to hold, rain cries like



stands with flowers, reads a poem,


“i sleep in your sounds that

call me

i swallow your voice,

your love

i forget this world and dream of

your eyes kissing me

your soul is liquid thirst in

my heart”


light of day paints earth,

he feels


her breath, her touch,

a loving silence.


Copyright © 05/25/2013 Ðark Ṝoasted Ƣoetry®


once upon a forest dwell

blackletter ink on oldid parchment she wrote,
whlist she rode on a white
mythical beast,
it stood still for the grass feast,
the green stuff woven into the life of
the forest, into the life of
the earth
this grass came from the beards of 
long grass grew like long hirsute adornments grew,
from whose roofs of their mouths came 
the Gaelic irish, much like the 
roof of the forest;
she a poet was, penned about “ofer hronrāde 
hȳran scolde& egsode eorlas, 
Syððan ǣrest wearð”
watched the soft wind hand move 
the grass, move the wildflowers,
her world smelled of ladyslippers and 
forget-me-nots, watered by tears
of distant lands,
after, she crossed the gôd cyningwith 
fingers tight on 
mythical beast
in the þrym ġefrūnon, a king
learned about the poet, Oftdid 
Scyld Scefing of scather threats
on horses mount,
galloped with thunderous hooves, 
she whispered to a white
mythical beast, traveled over
the whale-road to see
the sea,
all things mysterious and unsurveyed like hidden, grassy fields
she sees the tall, majestic sailor sail,
smells the sea, feels the blue sky,
flies through the mystic,
passed throughfirmament clouds,
found the frover abode in a year
called ɮɮ, then she was but ʒ
found a forest dwell,
lived the happily ever after,
once upon.
Copyright © 04/12/2012  Ðark Ṝoasted Ƣoetry®