Looking for love in an October night

What would my love have me do?
Seek the sanctity of some great moon,
And like the stars in a tall sky
Walk the night in the shadows of clouds?
Wait as others do, loneliness to pawnbrokers,
Be made a fool with the hope of a kiss
From a cold face? Make my hands
Callous with a touch and cultivate a subtle
Feeling- wear out my groveling in the dust
Of emotions? But shall I turn my back
On one who proposes love? Is my conscience
Too proud to listen, shall I go leaping
Into his waiting arms, navigate his introductions,
His favors; “O but to sing, to laugh, to dream,”
To walk my own way- free, to use my voice
Where I choose, to travel any road in the stars,
To say to my soul, “Be satisfied with the flowers
And weeds of life,” I stand sheltering feelings, alone.

Copyright © 10/11/2016 lance sheridan®