Alice the conjurer

Winging through the persistent dark,
Blunt night, vaunting stars,
The jackdaw — a witches’ cauldron bird;
Impromptu, Alice conjures up a spell from
A Grimoire and yawping crow’s foot brew.

She travels through the looking-glass where
Flamingos play croquet on slippery grass,
Where playing cards paint roses and little girls tell fibs;
From the Queen of hearts she receives a
Tarted sentence — Be off with her pretty young head!

But Alice turns a sleight-of-hand using the white rabbit
Hat and magic wand, turns the queen into a
Jabberwocky — That’s banging, no it’s not quarreled the
Tweedle twins; I think it’s time to sneaker sneak, retorted the
Cheshire cat. And off to the Mock turtle soupy sea they went.

Perhaps we’ll have some soup with our tea, said the Hatter king,
On the Island where mushrooms and cabbages grow;
But I don’t want to go, said Alice as she looked a little puzzled,
It doesn’t serve my purpose! I’d rather go down a cottontail hole!
Do you suppose though if the rabbits will let me warren?

It seems a shame, the looking-glass said, to play upon
You such a trick! Whereupon Alice took a handkerchief and
Dried her massive tears. The moon was shining sulkily when
Alice awoke rather curiouser from a sleep — Do you suppose,
She asked her March hare, was this real or all of it just a dream?

Copyright © 01/31/2018 lance sheridan®