The pedestrian fence

What is the sea’s length?
It is there and a dark place: a
Fence distinguishes it and the
Pedestrians existed like stones
And settled in the sand to stay
A Saturday, a Tuesday, Wednesday;
Believing they have that water,
Precious salt too, meant to absolve
Them which nearly did on a Sunday.

The care with which a baptism
(not even with drowning) and with
The sea being encircling in a sacrifice
Of pedestrianism, even more likely to
Be a pleasing; the care with which
A holy man is wrong and the scriptures
Are wrong and the nuns are wrong
Is incredible justice. This makes a
Magnificent resurrection and also a fountain.

The world is at peace in a long dress, that
Is the current and makes religion flow;
And a quite dark grey sky is a necessary:
It is an argument for any use of it, and even
So in seawater so much stretched out.
Can we stand the swells? A great many
Pedestrians speak of a cleansing of the soul
Four times yearly. They are constrained to be
Relieved. The bible has become such an authority.

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