Night shift

I haul up the night’s black peak
On a flame, in a burning air,
As moon quartz, cracks my skin
From the touch, a charred heart
As any match. Far off, the blood sea

Fever, beating a muted boom; still,
The suburb dunes naive, the sand’s
Silver mouth immense in a metallic
Taste of sulphur— however it sweats
In a wreckage of charred grasses.

Now in the crux of my vows, astounded
Fossil, I kiss the hanging fire like a
Phoenix— it drives my blood to thick,
Tethered water. Nightlong, the blaze
A red cock plucking bare the wick.

An immense dawn hammers me blunt
Into a fatigue of wax. My radiant limbs
Now blackened flesh. I seek not the
Sun, nor the hives of light. My mouth
Gasps for drafty air like a dead cat’s
(It whitens and swallows the dull ash).

Copyright © 04/06/2019 lance sheridan®

Night shift