Religious objects

A church, that is a blind religion
A kind in a bible and a Holy Ghost
A specter and nothing strange in a
White sheet color and an arrangement
In a sermon to finger pointing-
All this and ordinary nails and a crucifixion.

It was all decided yesterday-
The loincloth color is chosen
And the spitting god image and perhaps
A holy water washing
Certainly glittering and handsome
And quite becoming
A sight, a whole sight and a little mourning.

Perhaps the whole death thing is a
Bit extreme, and very likely
The little things could be held dearer
Than a wanton sacrifice
(In the event of an emergency, break
glass and don feather and cotton robe);

To be worn with rosary beads. A prayer-
It connects the white and black heaven
(whiter and not coal color; never more coal color than slighter).
This is the best preparation for meeting with the three.
The father, the son and someone.
It makes belief and atonement a bit fuller.

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Religious objects