In the sea entirely

Herring gull, I saw you today
Flying in the hills of clouds,
You did not leave the fish,
You did not leave the hooks.

Yes yes, I know what I heard,
Dear bird, I heard you hurrying,
All the fish did with a view.
Can you cannot count entirely.

Can you recollect can you remember
What day it was that you took to the wing.
Today and day after tomorrow.
No you do not and I am so uneasy.

Did you surprise in whitecaps revisited.
All the time.
I understand why you are not better liked.
You do so and very well.

The fish have been very annoyed by
Your impertinence.
You have endeavored to do so
But without success.

Sincerely yours and not carelessly,
The rest of the afternoon.
You see the explanation of this.
The fish will not be pleased altogether.

In the sea and for the sea.
I do not mean that I criticize.
It is not necessary to tell me
That the fish will suffer-

Dear me it is getting late.
This was not done.
Now as to the word meal-
In this way you cannot conquer;

Looks to me. I say nothing.
Indeed you are discreet and timid.
The land is very near and is seen
And the shore fixes it.

Not necessarily here it is more
A means to satisfy myself;
I am obliged to be careful or not.
This has ended very well
(Some fish are very happy).

Winslow Homer - The Fog Warning, 1885