The princess and the troll

From an artesian well the pure water
Trickling beneath a bridge,
Blunt stones cocked askew,
Sprigs of ivy clamor and yawp
Rather impromptu in a fantasy land.

Hocus-pocus clutched in a wizard’s hand,
Suddenly a princess from a nymph
(Confined within); now gaily dancing,
She turns trolls into stone hordes;
But later frees one and turns him into a prince.

Hand in hand abracadabra, once a mountain
Now a castle with a tower or two,
Steeple ravening toward the height of a sky;
And of blunt lances sprigged with daisies,
‘Tis my fantasy, bragged the princess.

From my sweet soul spurns an opulent life for all;
Fields green, finned seas, golden eggs,
Staircases to the stars studded with diamonds;
Alas, she still had a beggar’s brain,
Sleight-of-hand wanting more.

The wizard wrenched the works,
Jilted her squandering, fortunes no more.
Now amongst the trees in the forest,
A half-princess, half-nymph
Happily ever after with a troll of stone.

Copyright © 04/14/18 lance sheridan®

The princess and the troll