Love is so rare a death

“i stand on the edge of sanity

and chasm, i have

loved only you, i torment

in the stillness of

gray and cold, yet i

do not find tears,

my feet are bare as one

who mourns,

purity is no longer

in my soul,”


“you shattered my being

with contempt, cracked my

ribs to destroy my


three clouds push,

but do not hold me

back, i lean forward, they

are only hateful words

like yours,”


“i hold a red rose, once a

symbol of your

love for me, it’s thorns

now in my hand,

i bleed for you,

my wedding dress

begins to come apart, i

cannot mend,

i am naked from



“sparrows jump before learning

to fly, i have no wings,

i leap into nothingness, i

don’t want to hurt

any longer, please let

me die in

unhappiness, i miss

what we did have,

it matters no more,”


“as i fall, i have arisen,

my body trembles,

yet it has found peace

as it breaks

apart on jagged


i am numb, but no less

numb when i fell

out of love… “


Copyright © 06/23/2013 lance sheridan®

Love is so rare a death