Of fog and the sea

The fog flattened itself out along the sand
Gulls drifting by the long-legged hills,
Naked moon walking in the milk white tide
Goodnight, cried the voices through the shell.

Half past dark, the sea said
Memories of a day in a tidal pool,
A cold wind blew, ready to snap
The fog like driftwood, dry and twisted.

And the sailing ship in the sea walk
Round her bow the water weaves,
Masts moon high scattering clouds-
Galloping through like salty colts.

Out of the urn of the sea, whales
with eyes like candles in the windows
of the deep, and rainbow fish swimming
between the shoals and the rods.

And the coast cobbled with houses-
Goodbye always to the looking land
For the wind throws a wintery shadow
A wedding of the sea and ice.

Copyright © 10/04/2016 lance sheridan®