sing the electric flame

it seeks the current charge like ghosts
seek a house wire thought
it seeks the storm, seeks no time watch,
slides down on clouded ladders
shifts air wind movement like white
shirted workers shift 
delinquent paper stacks;
the sky opens
the sky braces
itself against imaginary boundaries
roll of the weather dice,
electric flame light with black clouds in the
just like looking in a rear view in a 
tunnel dark;
portal night riot of colors
prisons landscapes,
incarcerates swaying trees,
shackles those afraid;
loud clapping of thunder
crack of bright lightning
spreads its fingers apart
grabs emotions, they fold
up like cheap card tables,
tastes fear, knows its safe in its mouth,
the rain weeps, walks down on 
clouded steps
in anguish, smites gardens,
smites dry, abandoned
homeless man freezing on a park bench,
a poet in isolation, climbed up
attic steps
dented pots catch water here and there
he writes, ‘sing the electric flame…’
Copyright © 04/30/2013 Ðark Ṝoasted Ƣoetry®