at the crimson tree of the earth clouds

water vapor dripping
from crimson
moisture into
my skin,
i touch the nakedness
of the bare
the wind blows

on a red walkway path
on mounded
hill, you walked
upon into
my dark hazels, i
saw you where
change color
in autumn
and fall
into me;

as the redness
of leaf stretches out
for light
shaped by moving
sky shapes,
i seek
your infinity
to unfasten
your smile

you are the
of dawn,
early morning
sugar maple dripping
into my
you are the breath
that verses
my thoughts, my soul
is wet;

white bee
collects the nectar
of your being,
I sip the
of your breast
to my
the sweet liquid
of your kiss,
i am yours.

Copyright © 09/01/2013 Ð Ṝ Ƣ Ñeedle & Ŧhread®


loved to distraction

she spoke of sacrifice, shyly
breeze stirred by her sighs,
movements moved
through her braided hair,
golden color
swift steps of his hand movement,
light through old window bubbles,
ropes frayed 
lifted carefully, sticking up and down,
he leans into her chest
trust doesn’t limit, they touch
imperfect shapes
kiss opens hearts, fingers glide up
and down
falling, they found time to teach them
intense moment, timid pressure, he dips
into her skin
her body softer than whispered sound
parching thirst runs through her, 
blissful oblivion
chemistry, not at an end point
he pushes her up against a wall, 
perspired covered
knots his hands in her hair,
press of his mouth
to taste her lust
palm slides down a waist
rubs the magic point
legs wrapped round,
maximum efforts
half screaming
half pleading
wanted to do this from the first time
he saw her
hurried beats of the hearts,
then brief silence
affection translated
eyes like curtains closed
midnight naked, wait for another
second to become
she spoke of sacrifice, shyly…
Copyright © 05/03/2013  Ðark Ṝoasted Ƣoetry