A 1920’s romance

At first, she was ice

water in a sweaty 


“Slow down!” her voice laced

like the nylons wrapped


legs that went from here

to there, then back



But, being quite debonair

with suit and acting lessons,


talker, his kiss was waking

up from sleeping and


a nightmare out a window and

hearing it land in a trash



In a park with a vaudeville

background and a white collar script,


fingers deep in a wave, hand

wrapped around her intent,


cozy on striped colors, pressing lips

against theatrical makeup, “au



Applause! Applause! standing middle

class leisure time, theater circuits


they toured urban hubs, toured each

others lives, selected each


for their vague, faint, but harmless

gentility… lived happily ever



Copyright © 05/06/2014 Ð Ṝ Ƣ Ñeedle & Ŧhread®


The climb

So small are steps to climb
for a purpose
otherwise nothing 
come of it
do nothing in 
often told
he squirms of 
fear at
wooden shadows
put there by diffused
the toddler executes this
flying in the clouds.

Copyright © 03/28/2014 Çross §titching of the §oul®


stay with me

we together bodies clinging, fingers gripping

sheets, pulling threads apart, exchange bodily fluids, 

lips kiss hard, run your tongue into

my mouth deep, into your back, my marks;

unfold my emotions as you cum, i pull your hair,

perspiration dripping, golden

droplets of orgasm;

saw you first through a looking glass

window, you touched my eyes,

i hungered for the feel, danced wet

in rain, you pulled up my dress, hand

on supple breasts, hand below

rubbing, me to elevate you,

carry me hot to soft bed,

stay with me.


you write my name on stars, you pour moonlight

into my soul; i climb into the vastness of

your being, i get wet from the liquid water,

the horizon of our love moors us

to twilight; i speak words, they are more

yours than mine, my heart breathes

to hear your voice, you unmask me

like morning dew to flowers

yearning for sunlight;

we wait for each other where windows

ache to be opened by

dreams in sleep, i am pure to quench

your intimacy, i will love you


stay with me.


Copyright © 08/24/2013 Ð Ṝ Ƣ Ñeedle & Ŧhread®


in a glass dream

color of dusk
color of glass

menagerie of a dream
menagerie of silence,

cleared her throat by swallowing a
reflection scraped off of glass

cracked clay tint,

wrote it down in her diary,
sealed it with wax

and nostalgia;

climbed into a garden, smelled 
dead flowers

drank the scent,

followed a bee, squeezed honey into
old tea and lemon

opened a book dazed by a still breeze
and light scurrying 

through empty pages

in a pond, saw herself drowning, picked
up a stone, dropped it in

hand reached out, struggling for a 

damp footprints through a rusted
garden gate,

her hair and dress were wet with exhaustion,
longed to climb into rest;

in a tree, breaking of aged branches, scream
for HELP! 

landing in brittle autumn leaves, a little girl in
tomboy clothes,

wearing skinned knees and bruised ponytails;

on a swing with hemp holding onto suspended
air, she sits

fiance’s hand stroking beauty
stroking her soul,

a turn of her head with blue eyes sees him
disappear, on worn earth, a letter

a careless wind carries it to a cemetery 

she walks in solitude and tears, 
death tugs at her clothing

then, chokes her skin,
chokes her emotions;

eyes in glass,
glass splinters

cracks run down her face like pouring
rain running 

down bicycle spokes

she turns black and gray, her reflection
pushes back 

onto cold ground,

inside, wrenching of hands, fingernails
dig into palms

like an ash and bent metal shovel
into a grave,

slips her fingers through glass into

on a table, old tea and lemon.

Copyright © 06/12/2013 Ðark Ṝoasted Ƣoetry®


Sleep Pretty Darling

You lay there peacefully, so

beautiful, your soul to keep

I watched over you after we

made love – I had to leave.

We met – chance encounter

was love at first sight; your

skin was milk white and as

smooth as silk – solaced.

Little was said – we knew

deep down in our hearts

this was meant to be, we

had a common bond.

Everyday we set aside time

from our busy schedules to see

each other – time for you was

precious, for me, running out.

Each second of the day we

thought about one another, our

love grew stronger and stronger

sadly though, it would soon end.

There would be no secrets

between us – we made a

promise; but I had one that

I could never reveal to you.

I stood by your window, was

unsolaced – for you see my

love, I was dying; could not

bring myself to tell you.

I kissed you softly on your lips

as not to awaken you – left you

a note – over the balcony I went

Leapt to my untimely death.


Copyright  © 06/03/2013  Ðark Ṝoasted Ƣoetry®



she smiled,
her face had
the texture
the shape
the color.
cradled my love in her breath,
in the palms
of her 
she was distinctly alive
had honey colored skin
auburn hair
instantly evoked my
spoke two languages,
and something else.
echoed all that i gave
had a humbling
to who i was,
wrote about her beauty on
poetic paper
i could taste her aroma,
her love liquid
looking at her, she was the
the blue morning dawn.
she was a heroine to my wants,
my needs
spent many hours in the bedchamber
under satin sheets,
heat of her body through the thread,
through the fabric.
then, one day, watched her casket
lowered into the earth
trees swayed under a cold,
winter wind
leaves moved to other
small towns
but, she stayed with me
her replica
her soul
her life.
Copyright © 05/15/2013  Ðark Ṝoasted Ƣoetry®